Mile High Labs says new certifications underpin quality, manufacturing reliability

Mile High Labs, based in Broomfield CO, opened its new plant in 2019.  The company, which at that time had been freshly capitalized, took over an idle 400,000 square facility that had previously been used by pharmaceutical company Novartis to manufacture the drug Xanax.

At the time of the facility’s unveiling, Mile High Labs (MHL) said the facility was potentially the biggest capacity plant devoted to the manufacture of cannabinoids in the world.  Only a small fraction of the massive facility was in use at that time, though.

Company: Quality borne out by certifications

The company announced today that it has achieved two certifications from NSF International, one NSF/ANSI 455-2 Dietary Supplement certification and another NSF/ANSI 455-3 for cosmetics/personal care products.

“Until federal regulation for CBD comes, obtaining these certifications helps provide guidance for major CPG brands and big-box retailers looking to successfully and responsibly enter the space by providing consistent, reliable, high-quality products to their consumers,”​ said Jodi Gatica, VP of quality and regulatory for Mile High Labs.

Quality, growth potential attracted DSM

The company’s focus on quality manufacturing was one of the reasons given for the high profile partnership announced earlier this year in which Mile High teamed up with multinational ingredient supplier Royal DSM.

“There is a strong consumer pull in the CBD space for high-quality, health-benefit driven solutions, but as yet the market is still to arrive at recognized science or quality standards,” ​Frederic Boned, Vice President, Human Nutrition & Health at DSM North America said in June.

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