Mintel is seeing a spike in demand for beauty market intelligence, here is why

Indeed, beauty brands have been doing the same thing. Jane Henderson, who is global president of beauty and personal care at Mintel International, says there has been an unprecedented demand for market intelligence in the past few months, as businesses race to find out exactly what consumers are looking for in a post-COVID-19 world.

In this interview Henderson explains what beauty and personal care companies are looking for, how the market has shifted in the past 18 months and the various strategies Mintel is employing to supporting its rapidly expanding client base.

CosmeticsDesign-USA: What are the main reasons why demand for market intelligence is spiking right now?

JH: The consumer mood shifted, as did the market reach for brands. Brands can now access a far larger audience via direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. However, as we slowly progress towards a post-pandemic world, these audiences are visualizing things in a different way. This makes it far more complex for a brand. And that is where the Mintel team can step in to help! 

What sort of market intelligence are beauty and personal care companies looking for right now?

Brands and suppliers are looking to bring relevance to their day-to-day work.  These brands want to reach and understand a larger consumer base that is spread across many more countries, as well as rationalizing their NPD pipelines to meet the new needs of the consumer. There are many personas to consider and each of these personas experience new value sets.  This makes the art of customer acquisition and life-time value far more complex, particularly in the context of an ever-changing landscape, and that is why our team can help decipher all of this to forge a more coherent and targeted strategy. 

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