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1) In Brazillian Lime Fig Leaves and Tea from Beauty Pie today. No BUB because this one is Beauty Pies most popular scent, and I can get it anytime with my subscription.

2) And SO: almost three weeks over time line (almost two of those due to the heat dome and waiting for plumbing services I wound up not using) the chaotic kitchen remodel is done!
Keeping the same footprint, the remodel using IKEA’s Sektion system has give me about 45% more useable storage and prep space. The new appliances fit nicely and overall the ground floor has a more elevated, warm and fresh feel. It’s gonna be great to cook and prep food here!
There is still tidying to do, organization of spices and pantry goods, tiling& paint (October) and venting the microwave (September) but overall I am very please with how things look & function so far.

So real quick: (prices include discounts in paratheses)
The IKEA cabinets and panels were $4500.
IKEA Essential dishwasher: $399 (on sale a month after I bought it; the money was credited back to my account)
Microwave/convection $479 (on sale 4 months after I bought it; I was given a courtesy credit to my account for this)
Induction Stove $950 (on sale 4 months after I bought it; was given a courtesy discount for this)
Countertops: $1000 (includes shipping)
Sink, faucet & pipes: $300

Total: $7,628 for materials.

Handyperson services: $1500 (includes assembly of kitchen island, installation of countertop and help with cabinet assembly)

Total: $8,828.00

My contributions, based on estimates given to me:
Assembly of cabinets: 1000
Dry fit and install of stove/microwave(temporary until vented): $300
Plumb of water line to fridge: $250
Cleaning and recycle of boxes: $250
Installation of kitchen sink & dishwasher(including piping and electrical) $1500 (!!!)
Tile setting & paint: $500

Total: $3,800 in ‘savings’.

So the net cost winds up being $5328 overall. When I go to vent the exhaust fan for the microwave that will be an additional $300, but that’s fine.

This was exhausting and chaotic; I am so happy I did this. It adds functionality and beauty to the home. I was quoted $12K for a mere REFACING of the kitchen cabinets and a whole $30K for a new kitchen cabinets ONLY from Home Depot. Smaller kitchen shops did not even take/return my phone calls!

Would I do this again:

Yes- I would redo a kitchen!
No- I would contract more out!

The circumstances of the pandemic plus my job change made me focus on getting as much done by myself as possible. If I was to sell up and do this again, I would absolutely use IKEA again (with SemiHandmade panels perhaps) and have an experienced crew do this. Yes, I saved money doing this- but it was slower going, with just one other person, I have to redo work (venting) and my sanity is long gone. There is something to be said about skilled full time tradespeople.

Today will be dedicated to sorting things and putting them in storage in the garage, tossing out old broken bits – and having iced tea in the new kitchen!

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