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First impressions are everything and the scent you give off can make or break an initial meeting. Whether it’s with a potential boss for a new job or a big promotion, while out on a first date or with your lifelong partner or while you’re out running errands or enjoying some beverages by the Caribbean sea, it’s crucial to wear a cologne that attracts what you want. However, with so many cologne gift sets on the market, it can be difficult to find the ones that offer a masculine, authentic scent that emits confidence, sexiness and manliness. In this short guide, you’ll discover the most complimented colognes for men and what you can expect when wearing them.


Bay Rum Cologne for an Iconic, Sophisticated and Masculine Scent

Bay Rum Cologne dates back to the 16th century when sailors began using West Indies Bay Leaves to fresh up. And the many years since then hasn’t changed that. Bay Rum Cologne is the ultimate scent that expels scents of manliness and sophistication; a scent that is highly complimented and ideal for all types of men. Whether you spend your days sitting at a desk or working out in the oil rigs; enjoying retirement or staying at home with the kids, bay rum cologne is the best cologne for every man.

With over 70 years in the bay rum cologne industry, we have the best bay rum on the market. Gentlemen from many generations have used our Bay Rum Cologne to achieve a sophisticated, masculine aroma that attracts exactly what you want. Our 70 + formula is an exclusive blend of premium bay leaf oils combined with exotic Caribbean spices for a robust, authentic and distinctly masculine aroma.

It is an iconic scent that leaves you smelling like a man, and it is available in many different forms – from cologne to aftershave, pillow spray, mini travel bay rum cologne bottles and more. You can also get the best bay rum experience with our exclusive cologne gift sets for men.


West Indian Lime for a Combination of The Best Bay Rum and a Splash of Caribbean Citrus

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For the men out there looking for a masculine rum cologne that offers a splash of something new, the West Indian Lime is one of the most complimented colognes for men. It has the iconic, masculine scent of bay rum cologne with splashes of sweet citrus lime and a subtle hint of bergamot orange. Our West Indian Lime cologne gives you the best of both worlds – the best bay rum and a new, exotic and refreshing scent that leaves you lightly scented with an invigorating and memorable aroma that is certain to turn heads.

Our West Indian Lime Cologne is also available in our cologne gift packs. You can also get it as a cologne, aftershave, men’s bath soap or enjoy a combination of all with our cologne gift sets.


No. 77 For the Modern, Masculine and Contemporary Man

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Although new to our collection of the best bay rum colognes, our No. 77 scent has already earned its place on our most popular and most complimented colognes. With this cologne, you get a combination of humble, woody leafy herbal tones with bold notes of bergamot and fresh lemon for a luxury scent. Exotic spices, precious amber and a blush of flowers follow the sensual, sexy and masculine undertone of cashmere musk and ambrette seed.

No. 77 is also available in many of our cologne gift sets, and can also be enjoyed as a cologne, aftershave or luxury bath soap.


Your cologne is a representation of who you are. Display your sophistication and manliness with our collection of the best bay rum colognes, cologne gift sets and luxury grooming products for men.  



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