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I am going to be in a beautiful office renting a space alongside my fellow Laurel esthetician, Shannon. After Shannon reached out asking if I would be interested in coming in to help support her clientele and community as we enter the workforce again, I finally started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The alignment for her was also serendipitous. Within a week of initiating the idea, it all started to come to fruition. This opportunity not only answered a lot of my previous prayers of finding a home and expansion of space for TSC, but it also presented me with options for how this could benefit my IVF journey. 

The truth is that I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 3 1/2 years and now with this pandemic, the loss of my husband’s work, and the sudden drop of income due to COVID-19 city closure mandates (my business dropped 50% compared to last year so far) – I was faced with kissing the possibility of IVF or any infertility treatment goodbye. This opportunity in Oregon has opened me up to a better quality of life where all signs have pointed to yes. My heart knows this is right. 

I’m anticipating many questions – so let me answer with this:

I’ve relocated before and am comfortable doing it again. LA has been a place where I’ve come into my own as an esthetician, but I’ve successfully worked in two other states. I am more than capable of handling the transition. I also have lived the first 18 years of my life in towns much smaller than Roseburg and to be honest, I crave it. I need to heal my endometriosis and this is where I feel called to do it. 

I realized over the span of this quarantine that the feeling I’m looking for of home with stability, security, and longevity is not some house or apartment but rather a place I can come back to within myself. 

Through all the potential fears and doubt, I have certainty in my heart that this is the right move for my family and I. To be completely transparent, James and I have never been on the equally on the same page as we are with this move. It feels like a dream and I know I’m deserving of this. As I’ve slowly started telling people in my life, the confirmation keeps growing. And the reality is that many people are moving. Many people lost what we lost and have to reroute. I feel like the sense of sorrow I was deeply in a few weeks ago all makes sense now. It led me to this path which is the realignment I’ve been searching for over the past few years. All of the hardships, mistakes, that feeling of being stuck, not understanding why things weren’t adding up or working out, all of it now makes sense. It led us here.

So all of this being said, please know that TSC is simply relocating. I plan on keeping my esthetician license in California so I can come down periodically for facials and events. LA is where I have spent the last 8 years of my life. It’s where James and I got married. It’s where we had Josie. It’s where we have spent the majority of our relationship together. It’s where TSC was born. It’s been more than half my career as an esthetician. It’s made me into who I am by testing my resilience and pushing me to be the best version of myself. As much as I love what it has given me, I can’t ignore the realignment. I know Oregon will provide exactly what I need for this next phase of my life. LA will once again become one of my favorite places to visit, which I’m excited for. 

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