Multi-Hyphenate Teyana Taylor Talks Beauty, Movies and Her New Partnership With Olay Body

Teyana Taylor may have retired from the music industry late last year, but she has plenty to keep her busy. The mom of two, who now has over 12 million followers on Instagram, has taken up a variety of acting, directing and modeling jobs. (She’s even in the highly anticipated Coming to America sequel.) Plus, she’s teaming up with Olay to promote the brand’s latest body products.

We spoke with the glowing multi-hyphenate to get her desert island beauty must-haves, insight into her upcoming film projects and more.

Total Beauty: What are your desert island beauty must-haves?

Teyana Taylor: Coconut oil for sure to keep everything nice and moisturized in that dry desert. I know it’s a desert, but if I could find water I would use Olay’s Nighttime Rinse-Off Body Conditioner, $5.99, to take me from a desert feel to moisturized like a rainy cloud! And lastly, my lips get very dry so I would definitely also bring some ChapStick.

TB: Speaking of Olay, how did that partnership come about?

TT: It was a dream. As a kid watching TV and seeing the Olay commercials or going to CVS and seeing the ads and products — it’s unbelievable that I am a part of it now. I also truly love their products, especially the new body ones. They’re basically conditioner for your body. You know how you condition your hair and it feels so nice and soft? That’s what you get with these products and the retinol and smell that they have are amazing.

TB: Any beauty products that were helpful when you were pregnant? Has your beauty routine changed since having kids?

TT: Oh, yes! It changed a lot during pregnancy and immediately after. I went the more natural route when I was pregnant. I used a ton of oils, olive oil, coconut oil, etc., as well as shea butter. With my first I was super dry; with my second I was dewier, but I stuck with similar products for both pregnancies and for the fourth trimester postpartum.

TB: If you wake up with a blemish the day of a big shoot or a red carpet event, do you have any tricks?

TT: I turn the blemish into a mole! I think it’s a good way to hide it and I happen to love moles and beauty marks. I use liquid eyeliner in either brown or black.

TB: Trick for looking great in a picture?

TT: I have to say I’m awkward with poses and angles. I always prefer movement and tell photographers to catch me in action. I love candid shots.

TB: What was the most exciting part about working on Coming 2 America?

TT: Oh man, just being part of it in general. I would have been fine cleaning the set just to be part of that experience! The set, the clothes, the people I got to work with. I mean all the legends like Eddie, Arsenio… It was surreal. I was constantly pinching myself.

TB: Can you tell us anything about your involvement in the Dionne Warwick biopic?

TT: I’m very excited about this project, too. It was definitely another moment that felt surreal. I mean here I am waking up to have a Zoom call with Dionne Warwick! This is crazy! We’re on Zoom chatting, it’s so amazing. She’s everything. Me, her and her son created a strong bond and now it’s about bringing her story to life from her own words. With lots of biopics you don’t get to actually spend time with the person you’re portraying. Here, I got to talk to her and ask her a ton of questions and really learn from her.

TB: What’s on your bucket list career-wise?

TT: Keep being a better version of myself. Keep elevating and keep the blessings coming in.

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