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Tomi Ologundudu is a client success manager at a software company. She is also a skincare lover and took time out to tell me about her skincare regime.

I’ve always been around skincare products as my mum is big on skincare but I really became aware of it when I was in Secondary school. I loved using my Mum’s products even though I barely knew what they did.

My Mum and Sugar magazine (the good old days) were my first skincare influences but as I got older I started exploring on my own and discovered people like Paula Begoun and many other skin gurus. Also, shoutout to the Estee Lauder counter lady at Boots who introduced me
to serums when I was at University.

When I was a teenager I started off using Simple, St. Ives and Nivea products. The major thing I have learnt about my skin since my those years is that it won’t “bounce back” if i don’t take care of it. I used to be able to get away with falling asleep in makeup but now I wouldn’t dare. Also, real skin has texture. And physical scrubs are bad news.

Since then I have definitely incorporated way more steps into my routine and many more products. I go for regular facials and stay focused on keeping my skin healthy and hydrated. I use SPF religiously now and I don’t shy away from acids. I also make sure I’m not buying products based on trends.

I rotate quite a lot of products now in my routine depending on the state of skin or my mood. I am currently working to get rid of dark spots on my chin and neck from previous years of shaving and plucking hair on my face.

My staple products for this include Deviant Skin Cleansing Oil (an absolute gem for double cleansing), Alpha H Daily Cleanser, for my constantly dehydrated skin and Deviant Skin’s Gentle Resurfacing Liquid to exfoliate. The Inkey List’s Snow Mushroom Serum is my hydrating hero, The Inkey List’s Tranexamic Acid as an occasional night treatment , La Roche Posay’s Lipikar Moisturiser and Klairs Everyday Sun Protector.

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