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My Top 4 Facial SPF's

My Top 4 Facial SPF’s

-this post contains PR samples-

Every time without fail I go to write about anything remotely related to sunshine the weather turns into nothing short of a monsoon. Whilst I can no longer don my favourite summer dresses in the current climate I’m still applying SPF daily without fail. Something that never even entered my head in my early twenties but in the last couple of years and more so since lockdown I’ve been strict about wearing SPF every single day whether it’s a hazy summer day or pouring rain. In the past, I’ve always worried about facial SPF’s being chalky and leaving an awful white cast on my skin. But, I think the development of facial SPF’s means those days are somewhat behind us and there is a wide spectrum of products available whatever your needs are and these are the best that I’ve found.


bareminerals complexion rescue defence (PR sample)

This is a little bit of a two in one product and it’s what I’ve been reaching for almost daily for the last month or so. It contains SPF 30 which is ideal for day to day but not something I would reach for when it’s extremely sunny but living in the UK means in general, SPF 30 is fine. Not only does this contain SPF but it’s been formulated to help protect your skin against the blue light that all our tech devices emit too. Truthfully, I have no idea if it does that and it’s not the reason that I like this product. I reach for it firstly because of the SPF but, on make-up free days it provides my skin with a beautiful smooth glow. The consistency is unique, it’s not quite a moisturiser and, it’s not like a typical primer or SPF either. It’s so easy to work into the skin and wears beautifully throughout the day so my complexion feels protected but it never feels sticky or tacky.



avène cleanance spf 50+ (previous paid partner)

For when it’s going to be really warm and I’m going to be out in the sun without any make-up this is what I reach for without fail. This is one for the more oily skinned girls as it is a little more matte on the complexion, it’s not drying but it’s not going to be comfortable if you’ve got really dry skin eiter. The consistency is lightweight but be aware you only need a tiny amount otherwise it becomes difficult to apply so I often apply it in small sections to avoid any smearing. As well as being a fantastic SPF if you’re a little more spot prone as breakouts are a lot more sensitive to the sun so proper SPF is so important for not only protecting them but helping them heal too.



clinique city block sheer spf 25 (previous paid partner)

This was the SPF that kick-started my love affair with facial SPF’s and how nice and easy they could be to wear daily. Coming from Clinique and it is a cult product amongst the beauty community and it’s not hard to see why. As it is only an SPF of 25 this is what I reach for throughout winter and your skin needs still requires protection (especially if you use acid and retinol) but it’s not as much as it needs in the warmer months. As well as sun protection this has a sheer tint to it which makes it ideal for no make-up days as it provides a light veil of coverage whilst still feeling weightless and fresh on the skin. I wouldn’t say this a product that is suitable for all skin tones due to its tint which whilst very light there’s no way it can work for everyone. For black skin and people of colour this post contains a lot of personal recommendations.



green people scent free facial spf 30 (press sample)

If you’re not interested in any type of tint in your SPF and just want something to simply protect your skin as well as being kind to the planet then this product from Green people is fantastic. It contains SPF 30 which is ideal for everyday wear and with reapplication throughout the day you could wear this on really sunny days too. Formula wise it feels like the most traditional SPF out of all the ones I use but it never feels sticky or tacky and it leaves my skin feeling nourished but protected throughout the day. Like the Avène SPF, you do only need a small amount though, and working in smaller sections is advisable to get the most coverage.


what are your favourite SPF’s?

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