Nail Trends and Tips for Summer Brides

While most brides lean towards pale pink or nude nails on their wedding day, there are a few out there who might prefer something a little bit different. For those who want to stray from the norm, Sigourney Nuñez, OPI’s North America education manager, says one of this summer’s biggest trends can work on brides, too. 

“This summer, we’re seeing single color manicures take a back seat for multi-colored tips,” Nuñez says. “It might sound a little unconventional for a bride, but the best way to make this trend come to life is by pairing it with beautiful nudes.”Think nudes (OPI Put It in Neutral, Do you Take Lei Away? and Bubble Bath with a variety of whites (OPI Alpine Snow, Funny Bunny or Hue is the Artist) or even something blue (Mi Casa Es Blue Casa, Mali-blue Shore, Tile Art to Warm Your Heart).

According to Nuñez, the negative space trend is also going to reign supreme this summer. “One way to create a dynamic pairing for a bride is by using a nude shade that complements the clients’ skin tone and then adding a pop of color with a swirl or abstract look,” she says. “If the bride is more traditional, you can also add pops of a floral outline.”

How to Prep Your Clients Nails Before the Big Day

Just like hair and makeup, a nail consultation is extremely important before the wedding day. “If the bride wants to wear extensions at the wedding but doesn’t have much experience with length, suggest an appointment 5-6 weeks prior so she can try on the enhancements, get used to the length and decide if that’s what she wants,” Nuñez says. 

A week prior to the wedding is a great time to schedule a fill so that the extensions are fresh and preistine. “If by the second appointment, the bride realizes length isn’t what she wants for the wedding, they can be removed to go the natural nail route.”

Last but certainly not least, keeping the nails moisturized prior to the wedding is a must—this will keep the brides’ cuticles in the best condition. Nuñez recommends carrying a cuticle oil like OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil in your beauty kit at all times. 

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