Nearly three-quarters of US consumers still prefer at-home shopping and product try-ons: Survey

In July 2021, digital product sampling brand Sampler surveyed over 38,000 North American consumers and found that, while lockdowns lift and retail shopping resumes, 74% of consumers still favor shopping and trying on products at home compared to heading in-store.

“Though the product testing experience might look a little different today, consumers’ desire to sample new products has not only remained strong—it has actually grown with more consumers wanting to sample at home than ever before,”​ explained Marie Chevrier, Founder and CEO of Sampler on what is driving the at-home shopping experience.

“The comfort of the at-home sampling experience really allows consumers to be at ease and inspires trust because they are not only in the driver’s seat, but the opportunities for them to have their voice heard through surveys, ratings and reviews, and even user-generated content are endless,” ​she added.

Innovation, investment and immersion

As consumers still crave the ability to try on and shop for products at home, we can expect to see increased innovation and investment from beauty and personal care brands that focus on creating immersive at-home product experiences.

“It is safe to say that things will not be returning to the pre-pandemic normal any time soon—so brands are taking an at-home approach,” ​said Chevrier.

“At-home sampling and shopping for beauty and personal care transforms what was once a high-touch and high-risk interaction into a contactless one that consumers deem safe,” ​she added. At-home product engagement can also deliver a more memorable and intimate experience to beauty consumers.

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