Noteology Citron Pomelo is one of fourteen fragrances by Danielle Fleming



Danielle Fleming is the perfumer for Noteology Citron Pomelo

American Perfumer and entrepreneur Danielle Fleming is the Founder & CEO of Noteology, and Olfactif.  We have met attending various Sniffapalooza Events where we became fast BSF (best-scented friends). Danielle had mentioned that she pursued creating fragrances through training at Cinquieme Sens and the Fragrance Academy of the Fragrance Foundation and later as an analyst at Firmenich.


Noteology Perfumes in Scranton Pennsylvania

 Noteology Store in Scranton

Danielle launched Noteology, based in Scranton, PA in 2013 where there is a blending studio that offers one-on-one sessions, private perfume-blending parties, and fragrance education classes. In my recent conversation with Danielle, she mentioned that she uses organic perfumer’s grade alcohol from organic corn as a base along with natural isolates and aroma molecules that give her a full range of scents to use in the blends. She uses a high concentration of natural essential oils but if an ingredient is unavailable or is too costly, she will source natural isolates and aroma molecules made in a lab. She sources locally as a first option. Bravo!

Pomelo Botanical print

 Pomelo by Pierre Jospeph Redoute

So what is a pomelo? Is it a grapefruit? Well, yes and no. Pomelos are the largest of all the citrus fruits. While grapefruits are round, pomelos are tear-dropped shaped and are the principal ancestor of grapefruit. The smell is similar. I thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison with both so I tried four large supermarket chains searching for pomelo and zilch. Two told me to check back next month! Are they seasonal? Apparently not, but not so easy to come by.

Noteology Citron Pomelo review

Noteology Citron Pomelo by Hernando©

 In musical terms, sometimes Pink Floyd just won’t do, one needs the Ramones. The same holds true with fragrance. There are times when a heavy complex fragrance is not what’s needed. but one that’s appropriate for the moment. With temperatures reaching into the mid  and high 90’s in New York City, this citrus-based scent was a lifesaver cooling me down as each day I walked the steamy streets of Manhattan. Citron Pomelo raised my spirits out of the inferno of an especially brutal summer in the city.

Best warm weather colognes

view from Central Park Reservoir in New York City ©Hernando

The first spray is just like a much-needed blast of air-conditioning. Fresh, calming, and uplifting. A pick me up. So approachable. As citrus-based fragrances go, it has better than average longevity. Citron Pomelo lasts over four hours on my skin. The smell is natural and top notes of pink pomelo, sweet orange, and passionfruit give off a subtle sweetness that keeps the citrus from getting bitter. The middle and bottom only assist in framing the big picture. It is called Citron Pomelo for after all. So, if the heat is on, you know what to reach for.

Notes: pink pomelo, sweet orange, passionfruit, lychee, frangipani, white peach, damask rose,  benzoin  black amber and cottonwood

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Noteology for my bottle of Citron Pomelo. The opinions are solely my own (and no one else’s!). 

~Hernando Courtright, Senior Events Contributor and Brand Ambassador

With contributions from Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Noteology Citron Pomelo is a great summer fragrance

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