NUDESTIX launches 5-in-1 beauty tool collection

The five-piece took kit called Beauty Magnet is part of the NUDESTIX brand extension NUDESKIN and is very much a product for the time. It calls attention to the on-going relevance of do-it-yourself skin care treatments as well as the return to a more mobile and travel-friendly lifestyle.

Liz Kennedy, the esthetician and on-air beauty expert who developed the new Beauty Magnet tool for NUDESKIN explains the function and features of the newly launched product saying, “skincare [tools] greatly enhances product penetration and are the best at-home resource a beauty enthusiast can have, but they don’t work if you can’t find them. The Beauty Magnet simplifies your routine and makes your day easier. If you get back even a fraction of the time you would have spent looking for your beauty tools, then I’ve done it right.”

Can magnetic organization make skin care tools more convenient?

It’s not uncommon for today’s beauty consumer to own and use several mechanical tools and digital/electronic devices as part of their regular care routines. This new tool collection from NUDESKIN aims to streamline what could be a jumble of various tools.

The Beauty Magnet links five popular skin care tools together. Not only are they a neatly coordinated set, the magnetic design lets them store together in a drawer or bag. The tools included in the set are a microneedle DermaRoller, a Rose Quartz Face Roller, a De-Puffing Eye Roller, a Comedone Extractor, and a Precision Tweezer.

Beauty Magnet retails for $105 CAD in Canada, where the NUDESTIX brand is based, and for $85 here in the US. All the brand’s retail partners will carry Beauty Magnet in-store and online, including Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, Macys, Bloomingdales, Revolve, Beautylish in the US and Canada, and global partners like Sephora, The Hut Group, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Beauty Bay will sell the new tool as well.

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