NuFace launches ionized skin care collection

Aesthetician Carol Cole founded NuFace in 2000, and (in partnership with Tera Peterson and Kimberly Morales) launched the company’s signature Trinity Facial Toning Device in 2005.

The brand typifies today’s at-home spa services trend, putting microcurrent technology into consumer hands. And over the past 15 years NuFace has grown to be a truly omnichannel beauty device brand with distribution here in the US and internationally across professional, prestige, and specialty retail; direct-to-consumer; ecommerce; and video/streaming commerce.

The NuFace devices (Trinity, Mini, Fix, and NuBody) are all designed to be used in tandem with a conductivity gel. And until now, the NuFace Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer has been that product (unless consumers opt to go outside the brand and DIY it, as this Body Beautiful post​ by Laura Gladman suggests).

NuFace launches new microcurrent skin care products

Now this week, NuFace has launched two new conductivity products that promises more robust skin care benefits than that original hydrating primer gel.

“We are excited to finally launch our new Microcurrent Activators!” ​says NuFace Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Tara Peterson, in this week’s media release.

“We’ve proudly committed the last two years to extensive research and testing to ensure our formulas are most effective,” ​she says, adding that, “Just like NuFace devices, our skincare ingredients are rooted in the power of microcurrent technology while nourishing and hydrating the skin to deliver optimal results with each use.”

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