Opulus brings new carrier system for retinol products

I’m hoping to talk about how you created the delivery system for your product.

Inspiration comes from all places, all strange places, any time it wants to pop up in my mind. The idea came about in a Paris chocolate shop in which you have these individual bite-sized morsels, each one having its own experience with it, whether it’s cream or chocolate filling, or whatever it is.

But that’s isn’t where it stopped. When I could have said “I’m going to create cosmetics so it can come from a jar or tub where you have it for three months,”​ you could actually create something that’s customizable for each person everyday, because your skin is changing everyday.

The ​Opoule​ allows us to do so many other things than just come up with a cosmetic chocolate, if you would. It’s actually allowed us to separate ingredients so we can have a different carrier on the outside, like triglycerides and certain actives in that, and then the core of the Opoule itself we can have other ingredients.

That allows us to keep them suspended and separated until the moment of use, when we active them with the activator, and that peek potency is required so consumers can get a better experience out of it, because at the end it’s all about the benefit to the consumers. It’s not just about creating something that’s different and people don’t know what it is.

That’s the carrying system is really multifaceted because we can change the outside chemistry and the inside chemistry to create everything from serums, moisturizers, face masks, hair treatment, body treatment, you name it. We can do that and with all those different carriers in ways that utilize the cosmetic chemistry in this little quote-unquote “bite-sized” Opoule.

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