Our emotions and their energetically paired organs-Therapeutic Skin Coach

I want to shed just a little bit of light on some of those combinations and some signals to help you tune into them. I’m bringing these up because I will be referencing them a lot in future posts to help drive in the concept that health is about a full system approach and your emotional state is a great place to look for answers. I’ve ignored the fact that parts of my life have been sad, regardless of the lack of reason. I’ve also ignored times where my anger was something I felt powerless in my control over even when I didn’t think I was really angry. I hope shedding some light on this can show you that not only are you not alone, but there are so many ways to try to find balance as long as you’re able to get real and see yourself fully.

The first pair I want to discuss would be the lungs and large intestine. Their key emotion is connected to sadness which is can be very difficult to breakthrough depending on the events going on in your life. If you’ve been faced with trauma or back to back letdowns, it can be natural to feel sad. Since the lungs tend to govern the skin’s health it is one of the first things we notice when someone is feeling off with their skin. The large intestine also plays a huge part in this balance of emotions because it’s a crucial factor in healthy digestion. When I sprained my ankle last January I found myself unable to go a day without a breakdown of tears. I found myself feeling so sad and not really having a reason why. I went to an acupuncturist (a couple actually) who educated me that the exact area that I had a traumatic injury was connected to my large intestine meridian. My digestion became almost impossible to regulate and the sluggishness of my large intestine was causing my food to stop breaking down. When your food doesn’t break down, it has to come out somewhere so it comes back up causing potential nausea, brain fog, an excessive coating on the tongue, and, in my case, a stress thyroid. Once I regulated the large intestine, all of those symptoms, including the unprompted sadness went away. You can start by working on circulation and your breath which can come from daily stretching, yoga, and breathwork. In addition to that, you can help support your lung function by promoting a clean and healthy air quality with tons of air-purifying plants in your space as well as going to your favorite place in nature a few times a month.

The second organ pairing I want to discuss is for those of you who may be living with anger and/or bitterness and how this can be correlated to both the liver and gallbladder. Our liver is often known as the “stress” organ because it holds a lot of responsibility in our detoxification system. The gallbladder is shaped like a pear and is conveniently located under your liver in the upper-right section of your abdomen where bile is stored. I have yet to master having a really high functioning liver because of the years I spent on medication as a kid followed by my years of excess drinking as an adult. The key for me is full-on liver support with supplements such as milk thistle/selenium and castor oil packs (this video is simple for the sake of showing easy it is) located specifically on the liver. When I’m feeling extra angry or bitter, I go straight to an acupuncturist for a liver supportive treatment followed by as much rest as I can get.

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