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Paco Rabanne has added three new fragrances to the unisex Pacollection: Blossom Me, Dandy Me and Major Me.

Blossom Me ~ Developed by perfumer Marie Salamagne. “Vegetal freshness vibrates with green mandarin for an invigorating sun-filled burst. Soft orange-blossoms float in a herbal infusion, bringing a gentle stillness to accompany the light-filled sparkle. To the clean and the crystalline, vetiver adds a chic, woody earthiness so that there’s a little rough with the smooth. Optimism dominates the mood.”

Dandy Me (shown) ~ Developed by perfumers Jérôme di Marino and Aurélien Guichard. “Distinguished and eccentric, a unisex rose and geranium blend that sends out a powerful, faceted bouquet. Opening notes of grapefruit bring a sunny opulence, that the regal rosa centifolia reinforces with elegant sophistication. There’s a rebellious twist, with hints of saffron to amplify a creamy, intimate skin-loving sandalwood base.”

Major Me ~ Developed by perfumer Emilie Coppermann. “A round cherry top note makes for an enticing introduction that flows into something deep. Enveloping like sound-surround, incense and oud create the contrast that rifts into a patchouli rich vibration. Intensely different, warmness and surprise combine into a harmonious, textured melody. A fearlessness experience.”

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Blossom Me, Dandy Me and Major Me are available in 62 ml Eau de Parfum. 

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