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It’s undeniable — Facial tools are having a huge moment right now. A simple Google search will reveal an alphabet soup of devices. From A to Z, there’s a device for nearly every skincare goal. Want brighter skin? Try rose quartz. Does your complexion lack clarity? Go for jade. Is skin feeling inflamed or irritated? Amethyst will do the trick. But have you ever considered a Fascia Stimulating Tool?

PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool

PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool caught my attention because it’s unlike any tool I’ve ever tried. The look (hello, shiny new object!), design, and function are all so unique…I was like a moth to a flame and couldn’t resist giving the tool a whirl. I’ve been using the tool since June of last year.

Point of Difference

Beyond the look and feel of the device, I immediately noticed distinct differences between PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool and other facial tools I’ve tried over the years. Unlike other facial tools that require REALLY firm, upward only pressure to sculpt cheekbones and work the face, PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool takes a gentle, yet effective approach. Engineered to help stimulate collagen production (which decreases considerable with hormonal changes), the FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device relies on gentle back and forth stroking…not taut, rigorous sculpting. Frankly, I wasn’t used to such gentle face work with a tool. And, I was initially skeptical that a tool so easy to use would be effective.

My Results

After my first session, I noticed immediate changes in my skin. There was an immediate flush of health — After just a few minutes, my skin appeared more vibrant and awake. I experienced improved blood flow and this made my skin glow. And this was all with just a gentle strokes backwards and forwards over my entire face. I like that the session feels sort of freestyle and doesn’t require a particularly focused path to achieve the desired result. You can, totally, Netflix and Chill and Fascia Tool your whole face and not feel like you need t be laser focused on “doing it right”.

When paired with PAUSE Collagen Booting Moisturizer, the Tool glides across the face, neck and chest with ease, delivering hydration as you massage each region. The Collagen Boosting Moisturizer nourishes on contact and lays down a cushiony layer of comfort. I’ve used PAUSE Collagen Booting Moisturizer for about a year now, and it quickly jumped to my top five list. My skin beams when I apply it. The moisturizer helps the beveled edge of the Tool glide around cheek bones with total ease. The Tool feels foolproof, and at no point does my hand get tired while using it, which has happened with other devices that require a super targeted focus and lots of pressure.

Worth Your Time

PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool is easy to use and effective. I’m always asked “What’s the best XYZ for XYZ result”….and my response is always that the best XYZ is the XYZ that you will use. MEANING: You have to like using the product for it to be effective. If you don’t find it easy to use, you won’t use it, and you won’t achieve your desired result — it’s that simple! I love that PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool is designed with ease of use and efficacy at its core. If you’ve been looking to get into the whole facial tools trend, PAUSE is a good starting point!

Want to see me demo the Tool, click HERE

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