Perfect Cologne and Fragrance Gifts for Men

Finding the perfect gifts for men is no easy task – and they certainly don’t make it any easier. You ask them for suggestions and that never ends with any quality gift ideas. So, it’s time to take the matter into your own hands and gift the best men fragrance gift sets that are certain to be a hit with any man.


The Original Bay Rum Cologne

If you’re looking for a quick gift idea for men, you can’t go wrong with the original bay rum cologne. It’s a spicy, rich, warm and masculine fragrance that has been revered by gentlemen from all generations over the past 70 plus years – and women love it too!

Our original bay rum cologne has the perfect blend of exotic Caribbean spices and premium bay leaf oils, creating a robust and authentic scent that emits true masculinity. It’s a statement cologne for men and is so popular that you can now gift our original bay rum cologne as an aftershave or a bar of soap. You can even gift all three with our aftershave gift sets.


The Best Bay Rum In a 3 Bar Set

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We all know that guy who doesn’t like wearing cologne but who likes to smell nice. While it sounds like an oxymoron, we completely understand and we don’t discriminate. So, we’ve created the ultimate men fragrance gift sets for gentlemen who likes to use luxurious bath products that leave them freshly scented.

Our Bay Rum Soap Set is an excellent gift idea that makes it easy for all gentlemen to enjoy the iconic St Johns Bay Rum fragrance. In this gift set, you receive three bath soaps elegantly wrapped in a classic gift box. Each bar of soap is triple milled for a luxurious, smooth and fragrant lather that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you’ve already gifted your man with original bay rum cologne scented soaps, we have many other elegant fragrances to choose from. Our three bar fragrance gift sets come in Bay Rum, West Indian Lime and No. 77, our newest best fragrance for men. We also have The Gift of Islands, which includes three triple milled bars of soap – one in each fragrance. Who knew soap could be so luxurious?


Aftershave Gift Sets

Men fragrance gift set, aftershave gift sets, colognes gift packs, original bay rum cologne,

Every man loves a good aftershave and at St John’s Bay Rum, we have premium fragrances for men that leave them feeling just as good as they smell. Our aftershave gift sets come in our three statement fragrances – Original Bay Rum, West Indian Lime and No. 77 and also include two bars of triple milled soap that complement the aftershave perfectly. 


Men Fragrance Gift Sets for Travel

Men fragrance gift set, aftershave gift sets, colognes gift packs, original bay rum cologne,

For the guys who always seem to be jetting off to a new Caribbean island, our travel-sized gift sets are the perfect option. These miniature versions of our sophisticated Caribbean scents make it easy to bring the exotic sea breeze, wherever your man goes. Available in the original bay rum cologne scent, West Indian Lime and No. 77, our Pillow Pack gift sets come with a pillow spray and a triple milled bar of soap to keep the fragrance flowing wherever life takes you and your gentleman.

We also have the three fragrance soap gift sets for men in a travel size.

Men fragrance gift set, aftershave gift sets, colognes gift packs, original bay rum cologne,

At St. Johns Bay Rum, we make the gift-buying process easy with a quality collection of premium men fragrance gift sets. They even arrive in elegant gift boxes, so all you have to do is decide which ones you want and your gift buying is complete.

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