Perfect Corp teams up with LUMINESS

“LUMINESS and Perfect Corp. are both recognized as leaders in their industries,”​ acknowledges Sean Mehta, President and CEO of LUMINESS in today’s remarks to the press.

“The result of this collaboration,” ​he says, “is an experience that transcends both in-store and traditional online shopping for all ages. Partnering with Perfect Corp, LUMINESS advances the e-commerce experience for our customers, as we have done for more than 25 years,” ​adds Mehta.

Using tech tools to deliver a touchless, convenient beauty product discovery experience

In partnership with Perfect Corp, LUMINESS consumers can now use 3 digital tools to help them find products that meet their needs and expectations: Shade Finder, Virtual Try-On, and Beauty Advisor 1-on-1.

Over the past 14 months, digital sales of beauty have seen a significant lift; and even as conventional retail picks back up, sanitary product sampling and digital discovery remain crucial to the sales funnel.

All 3 of the Perfect Corp technologies use both 3D AR capabilities and AI learning to read and render faces and to showcase product use accurately. “Shade Finder,” ​for instance, “relies on a database of more than 10 million samples across all skin tones to match shoppers with their perfect shade and finish, giving LUMINESS’ customers the power to effortlessly find the right foundation in just seconds and purchase with confidence,” ​as today’s media release about the partnership explains.

LUMINESS upgrades beauty tech through partnerships and new product development

Perfect Corp isn’t the only new partner of new tech to come from the brand this year. Earlier this month, LUMINESS—a brand best-known for its airbrush foundation products—announced a collaboration with makeup artist (MUA) Pati Dubroff.

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