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Pipedream Polish: Moonbow | Throwback Thursday Swatch

Hiya guys! Finally we are kicking off a new month and hopefully in the right direction. I know I’ve been a bit of a space case since the year started. I was honestly silly to think… Well a lot of the things I thought. But that aside, I’m ready to start doing a lot of the things that I love to do. Even if it means playing catch up on a lot of posts that I never got around to doing. That’s especially true when it comes to my nail polish collection. My untried polish stash turned into a mountain a few years ago and at this point it’s a whole country. Initially I felt really bad about swatching polish that may not be available anymore. The more thought I put into it though I realized that it didn’t matter. You guys were gonna love to see a pretty polish and I would finally get around to enjoying a purchase. After all if I purchased it at some point then it must mean I like it, right? Eek… hopefully that’s the case with most of these polishes, haha. So with that in mind welcome to my first Throwback Thursday Swatch! This will be a weekly segment going forward (fingers crossed) that will either be a single shade or a whole collection. I have been wanting to do this for years so I’m really excited to finally getting around to it and I hope you are too.

Today I will be sharing quite the throwback to nearly the time I first got into the indie polish community. Say hello to the gorgeous Moonbow by Pipedream Polish that was released back in 2016. This brand is unfortunately long ago closed and the polishes obviously not available. If you have been around the community at all then the name of the brand might sound familiar. Pipedream Polish was infamous for their neon cream polishes that would watermarble.

Pipedream Polish: Moonbow

Pipedream Polish: Moonbow

Moonbow can be described as a black scattered holographic polish. Of course my photos are taken indoors under a lightbox so the holographic effect is dulled down. That said this polish didn’t really have much of a holo flame. I’m thinking it’s because of age as this polish is 5-6 years old at this point. One thing I do appreciate is how toned and rich the black is, it doesn’t dull down or feel greyed at all. It’s a gorgeous polish and I’m kicking myself for waiting this long to finally get around to wearing it. Plus doesn’t it make my skin-tone absolutely glow?! I have a special place for black polishes in my heart because that’s all I would wear as a kid growing up. I always felt like black polish just had such a vibe, like such a mood, behind it and I wanted to be that cool chick. Yes, I was definitely the arty emo type, haha.

Pipedream Polish: Moonbow
Pipedream Polish: Moonbow

The formula has a really opaque application and can easily be considered one coater. In terms of personal preference I used a second thin layer also I feel it adds to the holo flame this way as well. Though I will say the holo is very subtle, as I mentioned before though I don’t know if that’s due to how old this polish is. Consistency felt well balanced throughout the application, not too thick or too thin. Considering that this polish is quite a few years old at this point I was really impressed with how well it’s held up. It dries down to a smooth high shine finish on it’s own. I also experienced no staining on removal to either my cuticles or nail beds, which is amazing considering how opaque the formula is. Shown here in two coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

In retrospect I wish I had decided to do a watermarble design to go along with these swatches. After all this polish was created with that specific intention in mind. It’s definitely I wish to do at some point when I have more time because every polish this brand released was a watermarble essential. I was lucky enough to even purchase two sets of the infamous neon creams. At some point they will definitely be featured as back of a Throwback Thursday Swatch post. Let me know if you guys have anything in mind that you’d like to see me swatch! I would love to keep this going and swatch thru some classics along the way. Thanks for reading and I will catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.

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