Popular flea collar linked to almost 1,700 pet deaths. The EPA has issued no warning. : Health

Whether or not these collars are dangerous, this is terrible “investigative” reporting (if you can call it that), extremely misleading and solely meant to generate clicks.

The 75k incidents were reported over an 8 year period (2012-2020), of which 1,700 of those were deaths. The article doesn’t provide a reference for how many pets use Seresto collars w/o reporting a reaction, or even the total number of Seresto collars sold each year, so there’s no reference for how common or big of a problem this is.

It’s good to be skeptical/cautious of these things but the claims in this article don’t hold water and are meant to incite emotion/fear, rather than actually explain the data….if you have concerns about the flea preventative you use please talk to your vet, don’t base the decision solely on this poor piece of journalism.

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