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In our current times, the lack of control in the world outside of ourselves makes me look for solace in even the most menial of tasks. Organizing is one of the ways that has helped me with my anxiousness because I feel in control and structured enough when things feel like they are falling apart all around me. Organization means going through the cabinets, drawers, and all other compartments that accumulate junk or excess. For me, this typically means my toiletries and other beauty products. As privileged as that makes me sound, it’s my reality as you can see from this video where I organized my bathroom in my old LA apartment (I never thought I’d miss such a tiny space). 

Part of the organization is also to help keep me safe from using expired products. I find the topic of expiration to be glazed over from most brands and bloggers. Why? Well, I suppose it’s not glamorous but it’s a far too common skincare mistake. And for as many beauty youtube videos that I watch, it’s clear that most people are unaware that their products not only expire but also the basics of natural skincare chemistry. 

How long do products last? Most companies will have a disclaimer of sorts. It typically looks like these two photos:

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