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What are the contraindications to a PRP treatment?

The PRP treatment has no contraindications since the platelet gel comes from the centrifugation of the patient’s own blood. Furthermore, since it is a blood sample, there is no risk of an immune reaction, contraindication, or rejection. It is a safe treatment carried out with autologous plasma and therefore avoids the risk of blood-borne diseases. Furthermore, precisely because it is obtained from the blood sampling carried out on the patient, the PRP does not present side effects such as allergies, intolerances or rejection. All the steps of the PRP, from blood sampling to injection into the skin, are performed with maximum sterility to prevent the patient’s blood from coming into contact with the external environment. Since the life of the platelets is somewhat limited, the various processes of this technique are carried out consecutively and in the shortest possible time (about 30 minutes). Thanks to the ideal centrifugation conditions, platelets and growth factors do not undergo any type of trauma, allowing this innovative treatment to perform its regenerative action.

Are there any restrictions after the treatment?

No, the return to one’s activities is immediate, as no hematomas or bruises are formed because platelets prevent their appearance as they contribute to blood clotting. At the end of the treatment the patient may notice a slight redness of the treated area, but that will go away in a few hours. In any case, it is a good idea to avoid the application of cosmetic products in the first hours post-treatment and, only if there are any bruises or small hematomas on the skin (which can form at the blood sampling site or at the injection sites of the platelet concentrate ), sun exposure is not recommended.

There are many testimonies of patients who after a course of treatment with PRP were able to show a tangible increase in the thickness of their hair or an improvement in their skin.

In recent years, this technique has become increasingly popular because obviously the ability of PRP to improve blemishes without worrying about contraindications or post-treatment protocols, gives greater confidence in dealing with this type of treatment.

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