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Rainbowify Me ~ Nail blog: Rimmel: Apple Berry Smoothie

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Rimmel: Apple Berry
Medium blue with glass

“Apple Berry Smootie” is another polish from the five polish
collection I have already shown you two of. I think the collection came out
around 2013 and it was really popular here at the time. The collection was
called “Cocktail Colour”.

Rimmel claims on the bottle that this is a one coater and that the one coat
dries in 60 seconds. I had hoped that it was actually true for this pretty blue
– but it isn’t. I ended up with three coats to achieve full opacity. The drying
time is good, but it takes a couple of minutes more than 60 seconds for it to

I placed a silver star stud by the base of each nail. I placed the star in a
dollop of silver holo polish, namely Essence’s “Hello Holo”. I think
it looks pretty cool when a bit of silver holo peaks out from under the stars,
take a look:

Rimmel: Apple Berry Smoothie

I find this super pretty.

Rimmel: Apple Berry Smoothie
Rimmel: Apple Berry Smoothie

Here’s “Apple Berry Smoothie” alone; three coats and no topcoat. It’s
such a pretty colour and finish.

Rimmel: Apple Berry Smoothie
Rimmel: Apple Berry Smoothie

And here are the things I used today.

I think this is super pretty. I am surprised that it took three coats to be
opaque, but I’m actually willing to forgive that fact.
Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Good
Finish: Glass fleck
Overall impression: Very pretty finish, sheer formula, awesome colour.
Buy again: Yes

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