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Xdance Sky: #49
Dark purple shifting to blue, red and gold duochrome
with shimmer

The formula of #49 is really good and I used two easy coats for full opacity. The
drying time from application until fully dry is slow.

The shift in this polish is so pretty that I didn’t want to cover it up too
much. I placed a baby pink square stud by the base of each nail.

Here is the final result. It’s mostly the purple and the blue that shows up on
the nails.  

 Xdance Sky: #49

The base is purple, which shows itself beautifully in the sun.

Xdance Sky: #49
 Xdance Sky: #49

And here’s #49 alone; two coats and no topcoat. This photo is also taken in the

Xdance Sky: #49
 Xdance Sky: #49

Here are the two things I used. The shift on the nails isn’t as prominent as it
is in the bottle.

Xdance Sky: #49
 Xdance Sky: #49

I love this collection of “Stereoscopic” polishes, they’re all great!  

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Slow
Finish: Duochrome with shimmer
Overall impression: Nice colour with a pretty shift. Application was easy,
drying time was slow
Buy again: Yes

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