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Hi Posse, Red Tobacco is from the French brand Mancera. This crew has had a lot of success with the frag bros so many other perfumistas ignore it. I definitely thin k that’s a mistake, there are some gems hidden in there. They are affiliated with the Montale line but there are so many stories running around about both brands that I just prefer to enjoy the scents and ignore the book. Many of the fragrances are extremely similar too. Mancera comes in glass and Montale comes in metal seems to be the biggest difference. The Mancera line smells just a little bit better produced, ingredients and blending (to my nose which is unreliable at best). That could all be in my head though.

Red Tobacco by Mancera

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Saffron, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Nutmeg, White peach, Green apple, Nepalese oud
Heart: Patchouli, Jasmine
Base: Tobacco, Amber, Gaiac wood, Woody notes, Vetiver, Vanilla, White musk

Thick, rich and chewy upon opening I now add about four spritzes of Red Tobacco at first. Chest x 2, back of neck and one wrist; which I then smoosh together with my other wrist lightly. Oud, patchouli, tobacco and a vanilla rich amber are the key players here. Everything else is support with occasional bits of action.

Done in the very Mancera style Red Tobacco can be overwhelming. So, when the initial fireworks die down after about 30-50 minutes if I’m going out to work and want to smell drops dead gorgeous I’ll repeat my initial spritz routine. This gives the fragrance extra va va voom that has time to burn off a bit as I get to my gig. Sometimes I have to open a car window or I’ll happily suffocate on the fumes. We are talking HUGE!

Red Tobacco Mancera

Red Tobacco has been my frag of choice for a different nights of work over the last few weeks. Never in my life has a fragrance received so many compliments and questions. I would sit down at a table and ask a Trivia question and as soon as I had people would be wanting to know. I love that this is such well priced niche and so it’s accessible when I tell people what it is and approximate costs. Around the same price or even cheaper than any designer offerings at the department store counter.

My bottle was given to me by the Australian Libertine Parfumerie crew a while ago. This season has seen me fall madly in love with it. So glam yet so manly. A perfect scent for me.

Unisex with a lean towards traditionally marketed to men niche. Projection and longevity are immense. For work I would recommend a single chest spritz.

Have you tried Red Tobacco?
Portia xx

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