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Rhythm is Life | Grace Emmerson

Life is Rhythm.

Light and dark, day and night, warmth and cool, movement and stillness, breathing in and breathing out, the turning of the seasons and the cycle of life. Life is Rhythm
And, naturally, rhythm is at the heart of Dr Hauschka skin care. Rhythmic processes play an essential role in the creating the skin care products, throughout the Facial and Body treatments and in the transformation of our skin and our well-being.

Rhythm at the heart of Dr Hauschka products

When Dr Hauschka was a young biochemist studying with philosopher and Anthroposophist, Rudolf Steiner, he asked the question ‘What is life?’ and received the reply ‘Study Rhythm, rhythm carries life’. He wanted to preserve plant extracts without using alcohol as a preservative and his discoveries led him to use the rhythms of nature to harness the power of botanicals. Beginning with an extract of rose petals in water, Dr Hauschka rhythmically exposed the mixture to the polarities of darkness and light, heat and cool, movement and rests. He was astonished to discovered that, rather than deteriorate over time, the extract remained stable and healthy, without preservatives.
These original and unique rhythmical extraction processes remain part of the sophisticated manufacturing process.

As a result, Dr Hauschka products remain stable and have a long shelf without the use of synthetic preservatives.
This unique method preserves the high vitality of our precious ingredients and helps ensure their benefits reach your skin in their most potent state possible.

Rhythm at the heart of a radiant complexion

Rhythmic activity is a constant in our skins’ natural rhythms. If we think of the 28-day cycle of skin care renewal, of the tiny blood capillaries supplying oxygen to the cells, and the lymphatic system removing metabolic waste, we recognise the rhythmical life cycle and the inspiration and expiration of the skin cells. When we support these rhythms with the correct products and methods, a beautiful, healthy complexion can follow.

Rhythm plays its part in the cleansing routine using ‘press and roll’ movements which activates your skin’s natural cleansing processes.

The 28-day cycle of skin cell renewal is recognised in the seasonal use of Renewing Night Conditioner and Intensive Conditioners to guide the skin’s regenerative cycle towards a balanced, resilient condition.

The rhythm of the skin’s activity is acknowledged by the different products available for day and night time. During the day, when the skin is least active, protective and hydrating moisturiser is applied. At night time, when the skin is most active, night time products support the skin to eliminate and self-replenish, harnessing its inherent regenerative powers ensuring healthy, strengthened skin.

Rhythm at the heart of Dr Hauschka Treatments

Dr Hauschka Treatments uniquely make use of rhythmical polarity; the alternating use of warm and cool when the muslin cloth is applied to your face and décolleté, movement and stillness in facial and body massage, connection and release through the quality of my touch, and light and dark;. This enables the skin to relax, release and replenish creating a strengthened and robust complexion. The body also responds to the polarities, whether experienced directly in the Body Treatment or indirectly with the Facial Treatment. The effect is a genuine sense of well-being, a balance of harmony and vitality.
The gentle brushes used in facial lymph stimulation demonstrates the measurable effect of rhythmical movements. The tiny blood and lymph capillaries bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and transport carry away metabolic waste and excess tissue fluid, ‘breathing in and breathing out on a cellular level. The soothing and gentle brush strokes stimulate, relax and energise the lymph system, creating a necessary and harmonious balance between the two essential processes.

Healthy skin has 28 day rhythm, just like the lunar cycle. When we work with the skin to regain and strengthen this natural, inherent rhythm you will notice how your skin benefits.
If you choose to engage with the rhythm of your skin you will notice significant improvements; every seven days there will be obvious changes as it moves through a natural detoxification process, to the re-awakening of its own vital, regenerative and moisturising processes.

By harnessing the powers of rhythm, Dr Hauschka natural skin care products act directly on your skin so it best benefits from the potent ingredients, and you can see and feel the results they provide.

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