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Rogue Lacquer – Polish Pick Up April 2021

Hiya guys! This week has been a giant blur of nothing but rain and Chromebooks. My day job is computer work for schools, so I have been doing a lot of work during the Covid period. And now that delivers are starting to roll in we are having to scramble to get things done aka lots of overtime work. My soul is exhausted and we have only been doing this for a little over a week. Today I’m sharing another April contribution to Polish Pick-Up this time from the brand Rogue Lacquer. This month the inspiration is all about the 90s and this one in particular is going to hit right in the feels for a lot of us 90s babies. Rogue Lacquer took their amazing inspiration by the iconic NSYNC and their first album cover! And you best believe I listened to the entire album as I swatched and typed up this review. In fact that’s exactly what you guys need to be doing as you look at these swatches, here you go. Now let’s get to it!

It’s Gonna Be May by Rogue Lacquer will be available through Polish Pick-Up from April 2nd until April 5th. There is no cap on this shade and each 13mL bottle retails for $12.50.

Rogue Lacquer – It’s Gonna Be May

Rogue Lacquer - It's Gonna Be May

It’s Gonna Be May can be described as a white crelly with gold, purple, blue and copper metallic flakes. Doesn’t it make you want to scream?! In a good way, of course haha. It’s such a beautiful combination on top of a perfect creamy white base. Chef’s kiss. Everything about this shade screams Spring and then some. The hints of gold and copper really give the finish that pop factor. So much depth and dimension. I can’t help but think this polish would also work as a beautiful base for some fun nail art as well. 

Rogue Lacquer - It's Gonna Be May
Rogue Lacquer - It's Gonna Be May

The formula has a good opacity that builds-up easily for full coverage with no visible nail line. Consistency leans a little on the thick side, but it’s still manageable and layers. Plus such a glitter heavy polish is always expected to lean a little thick. Since it has such a good opacity it ends up needing less layers that you’d think and makes the entire application easy. That being said I had no issues during the layering process whatsoever. It dries down to a gritty finish that smoothes out perfectly after topcoat. Shown here in two coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

Rogue Lacquer - It's Gonna Be May

That’s a wrap on another gorgeous polish that needs to be part of your collection. I have not been this pumped about a polish in a while and that’s saying something as an avid collector. In general these days I am gravitating more and more towards the classic crelly finish. It’s such a missed one in the recent years and with Spring around the corner it is filling up my heart. Although there is no cap for this shade, there is a small shopping window so be sure to add it to your wishlist. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Until next time, stay safe and well xoxo Moonbaes.

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