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Rogue Lacquer – Polish Pick Up May 2021

Hiya guys! Another day closer to Spring and I cannot wait for nothing but sunshine and warm days. The weather has been so wacky here. One day we have the AC turned on high then the next we need to turn the heat on and double layer the PJs. Then again I did get my second dose of the vaccine so maybe I am going thru it without realizing, haha. So anyway for today I’m sharing the May contribution to Polish Pick-Up from Rogue Lacquer. This month the theme is Guilty Pleasures and this shade takes it’s inspiration from the delicious fair fries. Oof I can relate to this guilty pleasure on so many levels. There is nothing better than good greasy and yummy fair food. Except maybe this polish, haha. I feel like you guys are really going to love this one, so without further ado let’s get to it. 

Fair Fries by Rogue Lacquer will be available through Polish Pick-Up from May 7th until May 10th. There is no cap on this shade and each 13mL bottle retails for $13.00.

Rogue Lacquer – Fair Fries

Rogue Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021

Fair Fries can be described as a mustard yellow linear holo with some fiery shimmer and micro holo flakes. I usually show my best friend my swatches when I am done and the first thing she said was ‘this color was made for you’, haha. I couldn’t agree with that more!  The holo flame is so incredibly strong and mesmerizing . My photos are taken in indoor lighting (light box set-up) and just look at how much it flares up! Under sunlight is simply *chef’s kiss* perfection. Going back to the color because I cannot stop swooning over how unique the tone is. Over the last few years my tastes and have shifted quite a bit and when it comes to clothes this is my choice in top color. Hence why my friend thought this was so made for me, haha. The tone is simply gorgeous with my skin-tone and I feel like it’s honestly once of those you think won’t look good on you until you have it on. Like never in a million years would I have thought mustard yellow would look good on my complexion, but here I am absolutely rocking it like no other. 

Rogue Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021
Rogue Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021

The formula has a very opaque application, but not quite enough to be considered a one coater. That is just as well since for holographic I tend to at least double layer to maximize the holo flame in the finish. And boy does that do just that with this polish! The consistency is well balanced throughout the application, not too thick or too thin. It dries down to a minimal gritty finish that smoothes out perfectly after topcoat. There was also no staining after removal to either my nail beds or cuticles, which was a nice surprise considering how opaque the formula is. The shade is shown here in two coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

Rogue Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021

Do I really need to say it? This gorgeous shade is a must-have no doubt about it. I know we are only a few months into the year, but I feel like this shade will make my favorite list at the end of the year. Don’t forget that there is no cap for this shade, but there is a small shopping window of a few days to grab it. Also be sure to check out more of Rogue Lacquer, I am leaving all the links for their social media down below. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Until next time, stay safe and well xoxo Moonbaes.

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