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Sally Hansen Troublemaker and Purple Prisms

I truly meant to post at least once or twice last week, but obviously that didn’t happen. Instead, I left my house overnight. Not just overnight but for five full days and four nights, going to visit family in western Washington now that we are all vaccinated against COVID. I took my laptop but didn’t get it out once, so distracted was I by the novelty of travel after all this time. I am rather concerned that I’ve forgotten how to do all the things I used to do before shutdown started. Guess I’ll just have to work my way back up to whatever my new normal turns out to be. I have been doing my nails and playing with my polish throughout, so that’s a good through line. What I have to share today is a manicure I did with Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in Troublemaker, a deep purple that still reads as purple instead of black, topped with Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish in Purple Prisms, a glitter topper with silver, silver holo, and purple metallic hexes. I was pleasantly surprised that the gel polish wasn’t all goopy as old as it was. It applied fine and cured hard under a gel topcoat. (If the bigger glitters shown on the cap of Purple Prisms were in the bottle, they sure didn’t come out on the brush.)



Here’s the glitter sparkling in the sun against a backdrop of one of the few remaining patches of snow up on my mountain.


And here it is after five days wear … I used the gel because I wanted durability and that worked out. Plus no having to carry around nail glue to use if a fake popped off.


As I start to get out in the offline world more, posts here might be a bit sporadic for a while as I adjust to a new routine. Seems silly that it should be so hard but this has been a traumatic time and that takes its toll in different ways on different people.

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