Saturday Surfing, July 17, 2021

Hi, friend! I just finished checking in with my feelings chart (happy Saturday, by the way). I do this three or four times a day, sometimes even more. Here’s what I do (it’s super easy) I have a “feelings chart” that I found online and saved in the photos on my phone, and I jot down whatever emotions I’m having at that moment — the more specific the better. Why? Well, because when I take the time to note how I’m feeling, and when I do it consistently and often, the steadier my mood in general. Try it sometime!
Anywho, how are you doing on this glorious Saturday? I’m happy to see you here and so happy to say that all this makeup on this flat lay is currently on my face. As far as makeup flat lays go, this one is dainty, nothing too elaborate, but I’ve been eager to wear a little bit of makeup again, so I thought it might be fun to pull out some colors I like to wear and see how they look all together.

I love getting an overview picture of the entire “makeup puzzle,” because I get a better idea of how well the colors play with each other. It’s a fun little exercise if you’re ever in need of some inspiration. Just take out a pretty plate or, in my case, an olive wood cutting board that I got from Trader Joe’s last December, and place all the makeup you want on it until your heart sings. ?

This week’s reading

  • Makeup artists swear by these tinted moisturizers and skin tints, so get ready to add to cart!
  • GQ claims that the best makeup for men is the best makeup for anyone, period.
  • Big ups to Helen Mirren, universal treasure and all-around rock star. She wore makeup EVERY DAY during lockdown. DANG, HELEN. I could barely run a comb through my hair. You’re my queen!
  • I’m also stanning Olympic runner Christina Clemons, who says that her bold hair and makeup are her “superpower.”
  • What it’s like to spend 24 hours with French makeup artist Violette. I’m assuming it’s an impossibly chic day!
  • Speaking of Violette, homegirl is having a moment. Not only does she have her own makeup line, but beauty industry sources say she’ll be the new makeup creative director at Guerlain.
  • A nun drops her skincare routine after going viral! Side note: wow, I can’t believe she’s not 30.
  • Dr. Pimple Popper, a.k.a. Dr. Sandra Lee, breaks down cheap versus pricey skin care.
  • Welcome to the era of the skinfluencer.

  • Stuck in my head

    I would eat this for breakfast, no joke.

    Speaking of cake…

    Girl, get up.

    Love this.

    I wanna try!

    I hope you try a little makeup flat lay action of your own this weekend. If and when you do, let me know how it turns out!

    Have a great rest of your day, and talk to ya in a few. I’m off to drop Connor off to ballet because Mom Uber is now my life, ha!

    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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