Saturday Surfing, September 25, 2021!

Happy Saturday!

Good morning and happy Saturday to ya, friend! You’re going to have to put up with me raving about these OPI Infinite Shines for a while because while El Hub and I were talking about a show we watched last night called “Foundation” (have you seen it? It’s on Apple TV), I was casually checking out my manicure and realized that there is not a single chip on any of my fingernails, and the top coat is just as shiny as it was when I painted my nails on Monday.

Wow! I’m half-tempted to apply another clear layer of OPI Infinite Shine topcoat just to see how long I can stretch this mani out, but I also really want to try some other colors.

Basically though, this line is looking like a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

So, allegedly, Coywolf, El Hub and I are all taking it easy today, so our only plan is to stop by Target or Michaels to find Halloween decorations for outside the house. Of course, if we happen to swing by Ulta as well, I won’t resist. I want to peep more of the OPI Infinite Shines. I’m even going to retire a few old bottles of polish in my nail drawer to make room in case something moves me, because I’m still trying my best to not be a beauty hoarder anymore… I have a feeling these will be replacing a few of my old Essie Gel Coutures!

Speaking of Halloween decorations, I’m aiming for cute, as opposed to scary, decorations. Adorable pumpkins and cute ghosts and whatnot. If you’ve found anything lately that you love, please give this gal a heads up! I need some ideas. 🙏🎃

This week’s reading

The chances of me watching this are 100%.

I love her glasses.

The eye makeup!

I could spend all day watching organization videos.

So what’s the plan for the weekend? Does it feel like fall yet where you live?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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