Selection Of Cosmetics According to Skin Types

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Selection Of Cosmetics According to Skin Types. Having shiny, clear and stretched skin is every women’s dream. In these days, there are a lot of selection from cosmetic to operation for having this type skin. Especially, cosmetics are with both effortless using and pretentious offering and many women don’t afraid to spend money for expensive cosmetics.

According to the latest researches, even though expensive cosmetics are produced using the best active ingredients in long term, when a product that is not suitable for the skin type is selected, results can’t be good as desired. Even undesirable results can also be encountered. That’s why choose cosmetic products, why the first step must be to learn your skin type and to select suitable products. There is benefit to get a brief information about skin type and care:



The appearance is transparent, condition of moisture and oil balanced, pores closed and smooth skin type is considered normal skin is accepted as normal skin. It is he most perfect skin type. The products than can use: Cleansing milk foaming gel without soap, tonic that alcohol proportion is normal (5-7.5%)and water moisturizer and peeling mask can prefer at the age of 20-30.Beginning with once and twice a week apply a nourishing cream at night, eye cream contour and masks from the thirties. Anti-aging serum and cream that containing plenty of vitamins and nutrients should be add.

DRY Inapparency of complexion is dull and oil secretion is subnormal. This type can see both brunette and white skin. Pores are small and closed. Products that can be used: cleansing milk, on-alcoholic tonic a nourishing cream at night, oil-based moisturizer and masks that store oil, peeling cream and when getting older serums and bulbs should be added. Some care recommendation for this type skin can be listed as:

  1. You should use non-drying moisturizer.
  2. You should away from harsh cleaners and antibacterial soaps because they lead to flaking and dandruff.
  3. You don’t prefer alcoholic tonic because it dries the skin.
  4. You should use low fat cream in summer and dense and oilier moisturizer in winter, autumn. These types are affected by especially sun and wing after twenties and prone to wrinkle. That’s why using sun protection creams shouldn’t be neglected after the summer and winter care products.


T-Zone (nose, forehead, chin) is oily cheek and eye contour more normal and drier. Sometimes lack of moisture can be problem. In oily areas pores can open, blackheads and pimples can be seen. The products can be use: cleansing milks and gel, tonic that contain low alcohol (3-5%) and moisturizer according to condition of skin, peeling cream. From thirties, according to the requirement of skin, you should use night cream and eye contour cream. Combination skins are affected seasons. Oily areas are oilier in summers, so acne problems will be occurred. In winter, cheeks are drier, flaking, redness, and itching can accustom recommendation can list as:

  • You chose according to seasons. You should use more moisturizer in winter and autumn.
  • You can use desiccant products for oily and pimples area.
  • While using cleaner you should clean nose and forehead thoroughly. You should apply tonic only T-zone and a little moisturizer. Lastly you can apply moisturizer on cheek intensely.


Complexion is very tiny as much as veins will be seen. It is a type that flaking, redness, burning. It reacts immediately against the bad condition. Generally, it has allergic structure. It is dehydrated and highly stretched skin. Useful products can be: cleansing milk, non-alcoholic tonic and reducing tenderness care creams. People who have this type skin before buy cosmetic product, they should try that product behind the ear or inside of elbow. If they did not encounter any reaction, they can use on face.


Appearance of skin is shiny and oily. It has enlarged and open pores, blackheads and pimples It is possible to divide oily skin types into three:


Complexion is shiny, rate of moister is normal pores are open and generally there are blackheads inside pores. Products that should use: Gel cleansers, alcoholic tonic, water moisturizer, firming masks and peeling cream.


Although skin is oily, it hasn’t moister. Enlarged pores and red blemishes can be seen. Products can be used: cleansing milk, non-alcoholic tonic and water based moisturized, reducing tenderness and oil balancer masks. This type skin It tend to sag rather than wrinkle. That’s why people, having oily skin type, should prefer firming and recovery care products from thirties.


Because oil secretion is above normal, it is a constantly shining skin. Pimples, blackheads and acnes are dense. Pores are large and full. Rate of moisturize is normal. Products that should use: Acne must be treated under the supervision of a dermatologist. In addition, this, gel cleansers, alcoholic tonic, water moisturizer and firming masks.


This type skin formed by slowing down the life rhythm of cell. Especially during menopause, skin’s moisture and oil secretion (50%) reduce due to lack of estrogenic hormone. In complexion sag, deep lines and blemishes will be occurred. Pores expand and capillaries rise to surface. Products that should use: Vitamin-E cream, non-alcoholic tonic and dense moisturizer, cell regenerating masks and creams, serums, bulbs and peelings. Today highly effective anti-aging programs are applied by dermatologists. When it is applied truly you can have good results.

Yes,as you see, each skin type has its own special care when we take attention, it is not surprise to have good results

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