Sephora pinpoints demand for multipurpose beauty products that won’t compromise on skin TLC

This trend, dubbed purposeful beauty, is defined by the retailer as a ‘streamlined beauty routine that delivers more’​.

Products that can help achieve such a routine are those that are multipurpose, effortless in terms of usability and ‘value for money and time’.

In other words, these products can be any skin care, make-up or hair care product that can address multiple concerns and needs, helping consumers build a less complicated everyday routine.

While this may seem to counter the shift towards self-care and wellness which has exploded over the past year as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sephora believes it actually runs in parallel to the megatrend.

It noted that as consumers spend less time on mundane activities like commuting and more time prioritising self-care, they are also looking to make each step of their beauty routine count for more.

This would result in less complicated beauty routines that do not compromise on the TLC that they show their skin.

This observation is in line with the skin minimalism trend that has emerged in the wake of the global pandemic.

According to a Pinterest Predicts report published in December 2020, users have embraced their natural appearances and were now interested in looking their best effortlessly and naturally.

As such, more consumers have embraced ‘slow beauty’ ​and letting ‘their natural skin texture shine through’, ​leading them to adopt ‘effortlessly chic’ ​beauty routines that are simple and sustainable.

The image-sharing social media platform saw searches for face yoga exercises and instructions for getting glowing skin naturally increase four-fold over the year.

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