Sequential Skin closes €1.4m seed round and talks global skin testing expansion

The latest seed round raised €1.42m ($1.65m) and was led by Estonian early-stage investment firm Metaplanet, supported by Scrum Ventures, SOSV, Genedant and angel investor Ben Holmes. The investment brought total venture funding for Sequential Skin to €1.85m ($2.15m) in 2021, all of which would be pumped into globally expanding reach with its at-home skin patch testing kits that used gene sequencing technology to assess overall skin health, considering genetic predisposition and a person’s current skin microbiome.

Dr Oliver Worsley, CEO and co-founder of Sequential Skin, said global expansion was an important part of the company’s wider goals.

“We want to accelerate the future of skin health, and for that reason having a global presence is going to be key to making our technology accessible to all. Our investors are all international VCs and have strong links around the world to markets,”​ Worsley told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

B2B diagnostics versus D2C business growth

Sequential Skin’s at-home patch test was already widely used under its B2B business, where skin care companies sent the kits out to volunteers alongside products to test efficacy and validate claims.

“We’ve been lucky to work with the most well-known skin care companies to help them validate claims around the skin microbiome,”​ Worsley said. 

Dr Oliver Worsley, CEO and co-founder of Sequential Skin

“…There are other companies that do ​in vitro testing but this misses the real-world impact on the skin, that’s why companies are excited to work with us. Our kit includes an adhesive skin patch that has been validated over the course of two years of R&D, and we don’t see a ‘batch effect’ after our bioinformatic analysis at different time points, an important criteria to have when testing the microbiome.”

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