Shams Oud by Memo Paris

Hey Posse. Looking for a summer oudh? An oudh that hardly smells oudhy but uses its depths to create shadow and let the light shine brighter? Shams Oud by Memo Paris apparently literally means sunshine oudh or sunlit oudh. I can’t believe it’s taken me 10 years to find it. However, now that I have you all should get to know about it too.

Full disclosure, my tester bottle was given to me by my mates at City Perfume in Australia because they thought it would suit me. They were so right. It does.

Previously I’ve written here about Aoud Blanc, Leather Oud and The Aoud in case you want to follow the oud train.

Shams Oud by Memo Paris 2011

Shams Oud Memo Paris

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Pepper, Rose, Ginger, Saffron, Cypriol, Cashmeran, Tonka bean, Tolu balm absolute, Styrax absolute, Labdanum absolute, Oud

Shams Oud is a calm, sunlit afternoon.

Spicy ginger and pepper open, it’s a zingy blast of happiness that is quickly joined by a sweet, lightly animal amber. Also a dark green woodsiness that is both earthy and shadowed. I love how it cools the fragrance and gives a beautiful dappled light sensation. It’s like sitting under a tree in the steaming heat of summer and finding it 15 degrees Celsius cooler. Blessed relief.

As a rose, saffron and oudh combat’s interesting how little I notice them until well into the heart. Even then it seems to be as bit players rather than the lead.

Dry down heads warmer and sweeter. It’s lovely the way they’ve melded the resins, tonka and woodsiness. I’m surprised vanilla isn’t mentioned in the notes but maybe the tonka is hitting that for me. Slowly the fragrance fades, I can easily smell it on myself next morning.

Totally unisex veering modern niche masculine and fully fragrant but not a huge fragrance. Longevity is very good but projection is safe after the initial blast and not like many of the chest beating, bro juice, beast mode oudhs. You could easily wear Shams Oud to work and no one would comment unless you are in a very frag-phobic environment.

Have you ever wished for an oudh with a very soft focus amount of it?
Portia x

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