Shavelogic signs with National Hockey League

“We are excited to welcome Shavelogic to the NHL family,” ​Max Paulsen, Director of Business Development at the NHL, tells the press.

“We look forward to engaging our passionate fans, as well as new and existing Shavelogic customers with creative activations across our media platforms and tentpole events,” ​adds Paulsen in this week’s Shavelogic press release about the marketing partnership.

The partnership will include brand exposure and offers to fans, players, and event attendees across NHL marketing, digital, and social channels.

Rob Wilson, the brand’s Co-Founder and CEO, explains the relevance of this particular partnership saying, “At Shavelogic, we think the NHL and its fans share a similar bold persona, so working together is a natural fit.”

“This is an exciting milestone for us to partner with such a renowned organization and introduce our new shaving system to fans, players, and professionals alike,” ​he says.

The Shavelogic product launch was a long time coming

At the start of October 2020, Shavelogic launched it’s first razor to the personal care and grooming market. The S5 is a 5-blade with a refillable metal handle. The brand boasts hold 100+ global patents and spending over $40m to develop the razor.

The razor design is said to fit 5 blades in the space that other designs mount only 3; and the replaceable cartridges attach to the handle by magnet.

And it’s the design, materials, and function of the S5 that Shavelogic believes will set the brand apart: “Yes, there are some great shaving brands out there. But at Shavelogic, we’re makers, not marketers,” ​states the Shavelogic launch-day blog post​. “We’re not here to make you laugh, tell you you’re beautiful, or claim our product makes you cool. We’re here to give you the best shave in the world with the last razor you’ll ever want.”

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