Show Salaries in the Beauty Industry

People working in the beauty industry, including
cosmetologists, barbers and hairdressers, represent one of the fastest-growing
industries today. According to the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
, the industry will grow 10 percent by 2024,
faster than the average of all occupations in the U.S. Of course, higher wages
are one of the primary reasons people flock to this career choice. In fact,
consider how salaries vary depending on these factors, like working in a beauty
salon in Wisconsin or being a top-level colorist in urban areas.

Wages Can Vary Heavily Depending on How You Use Your

Personal appearance workers, such as makeup artists and
estheticians, can make up to $11.48 per hour, but cosmetologists, hairdressers
and hairstylists may make up to $11.66. But, this reflects the simplest skills
learned by licensed cosmetologists, and as you expand the services you offer,
your wages increase. In addition, those working to improve skin health or
provide facial treatments, make an average of $30,270

Hair Colorists Earn More Per Hour.

Coloring hair typically costs more than a standard haircut
and style. In fact, the average wage for colorists is $15.86 per hour,
Meanwhile, colorists using new or advanced coloring techniques, like ombre
highlights, may earn much more due to the time and patience needed to achieve
these one-of-a-kind looks.

Location Affects Wages Too.

Depending on where you work, you may make more as a
cosmetologist due to increased client volume and demand for “in-style” looks.
For example, those working in larger cities or urban areas may see
higher-than-expected wage spikes when contemporary trends come out or when
seasons change. Moreover, stylists and licensed individuals can work to build
high-class clientele depending on location too. Think of this title,
“Cosmetologist to the Stars.” You are only limited by your imagination and passion
to grow in your career.

Factors Affecting Wages.

While the beauty industry offers excellent career options, a
few other factors play into how much you can make. For example, if you work in
a salon, you may be limited in maximum hourly wages by company policies,
excluding tips. But, tips can add up to significant income. In fact, a
publication on the morning show, Today,
identified best-tip practices, most people tipping up to 20 percent of the
service. However, tips generated during promotions or discount services should
still have a 20-percent tip included at the original service price.

For example, a client receiving services costing $40 with a
10-percent discount should tip for the full $40 ($8), not a 20-percent tip for
$36 ($7.20). While it might not seem like much, the difference can up to $80 in
income over the course of 100 clients.

Of course, professionals in the beauty industry can make
significantly more by opening their own salons. Some of the reasons successful
beauty industry experts choose this path include the following:

  • Having
    greater flexibility in work schedules.
  • Setting
    your own rates.
  • Not
    paying booth rent.
  • Control
    over policies and procedures.
  • Offering
    other stylists a place to work.

The beauty industry is worth more than $50 billion, and you
can take a piece of this pie home with you by learning the skills and
techniques needed to pass the State exam and get a license. To find out more
about career opportunities for cosmetologists and how to get make a positive
change in your life, request your
free starter kit

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