Showing Heritage of Craft and Creativity, Part Time Class 15 Graduate — ARROJO cosmetology school

Including a remarkable video presentation, the members of Part Time Class 15 put their professionalism and creativity on display in an exciting and heart-warming Graduation Presentation at ARROJO Cosmetology School.

When they began school in September 2018, these students didn’t know the right way to hold a comb. Through guidance from their main educator, Jacquetta Taborn, as well as a variety of top class guest educators, and their own disciplined study and practice of the key elements of cosmetology, they transformed to professionals with the heritage, habits and values to become super successful stylists.

“Part Time 15 class of Arrojo cosmetology school chose the theme of ‘Heritage’” says Jacquetta. “This theme speaks volumes of who this class is and how, no matter where we start our journeys, we can all come together in harmony. Their graduation presentation was an outstanding representation of the craftsmanship and creativity their have practiced and mastered of the course of their program.”

Highest Attendance:  Sheila Meneses (Wins $350 Gift Certificate to ARROJO Advanced Academy)

Highest GPA:  Erica Nielsen and Sheila Meneses (Wins $350 Gift Certificate to ARROJO Advanced Academy)

Highest Retail: Jena Mohr (Wins $350 Gift Certificate to ARROJO Advanced Academy)


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