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Skin and Body Care During and After Pregnancy

The most frequently encountered problem is hyperpigmentation, skin cracking, prominence of capillary, varicose and circulation problems.

Skin have to change something for mother and baby during the pregnancy. In this time, blood circulation is accelerated. Even in the first three months, blood volume increases about 1-1,5 litre. This cause symptom that dizziness and palpitation. Acceleration of circulation sometimes trigger flushing attack on skin but it is temporary. Acnes that is directly related with hormones, may be occur in 8-9. weeks and this are temporary, too.

Skin and Body Care During and After Pregnancy
Skin and Body Care During and After Pregnancy

Exchange of hormones, genetic predisposition and salt uptake of body cause cellulite. For treatment of cellulite, you can walk, drink much more water and massage with washcloth in shower. They will be good for body.

You will take weight willingly or unwillingly. However, pregnancy is not disease, it is suitable take weight in a controlled way. If there is a problem and you have to rest, you may take lots of weight. In this case. Stretching of skin cause skin cracking and sag.

The most important factor is genetic structure. Because there are many women who have skin cracking without gain weight. The massage that applied body is very important. Thanks to this synthesis of collagen fibres trigger cell. You can help from almond oils and you can apply anti-crack cream after first tree month.

  • Briefly. precautions that can be taken during the pregnancy:
  • Should apply sun cream (in terms of melasma)
  • Consume plenty of liquid
  • Sleeping enough
  • Walking regularly
  • Applying washcloth on leg
  • Applying moisturizer on abdomen and hips every day
  • Rest of foot and take precautions for circulation.



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