Skin Care During The Pregnancy

During pregnancy you should protect your skin from sun. You should use sun protection cream, constantly. Sun radiates UVA and UVB. Today, we know that UVA and UVB rays lead to early skin aging, blemish and even skin cancer. Actually, we are constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays in daily life. During the pregnancy, skin will be sensitive and prone to blemish. So, every day, you should use regularly sun protector cream (minimum 20 factor) half an hour before go out. Additionally, sun protection cream should be applied every three or four hours when you stay outside long time. You don’t forget to apply again after entering the pool or sea. Sun protector product must be effective in point of both UVA and UVB. People who have acne problem and oily skin, especially should use oil-free sun protection cream and should clean regularly. Because some pregnant women can have more oily skin. If skin doesn’t be clean, pores will close and pimples are increase. And sometimes pregnant women have dry skin. Inappropriate cleanser products can cause irritations and allergic reactions on skin. With appropriate cleanser, skin should be clean twice a day. Oily and combination skin can use foam or gel cleanser products. These products must not be excessive dryer. Also, dry and sensitive skin can use foam and milk-based cleanser products.

It is important to use moisturizer, too. During the pregnancy some women’s skin will be dry while some skins are oily. Oily skins should use oil free cream or lotion. Dry and sensitive skins should use appropriate products. In the morning you can just apply sun protector cream or on moisturizer. According to condition of skin you can use frequently.


Pregnant women need to bathing due to excessive sweating. You can take shower every day or at least three times a week. It should be dried well after bathing in order to avoid rash or fungus in the curved areas such as groin, chest and armpit. In addition, you can apply powder or cream. For people who have dry skin can use body lotion.

Unfortunately, precautions that can be taken to prevent skin cracking during pregnancy are limited. The use of products such as massage or skin oil may be beneficial. Stretching of skin one of the reasons that skin cracking. That’s why you should avoid gain wait. You can start to use creams that are beneficial to the skin crack after the third month of pregnancy under the supervision of a doctor. Skin cracking can be treated by dermatologist after birth. If treatment is started early, results can be very well. Retinoic acid creams, fruit acid creams, vitamin injections and laser treatments are used for treatment.

vitamin injection
vitamin injection

Skin prone to increase of varicose and capillaries veins during the pregnancy. people who varicose and capillary formation should wear varicose stocking. These socks are available for pregnant women. Every morning you should wear before wake up. Walking is useful to strengthen the leg muscles and to take advantage of the massage effect of the muscle movements on the veins. You should rest with your legs stretched above the level of your heart at least once a day. Some of them will recover after birth. Non-healing varicose can be treated with laser, sclerotherapy or surgery.

The majority of skin changes that may occur during the pregnancy because of hormones. These changes often normal changes not disease. Some of this may be permanent while some may go after birth.

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Dr Sunil Chopra

Dr Sunil chopra

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