Skin Microbiome 2021 Cosmetics Design trends webinar with Beiersdorf, Labskin, Sequential Skin and Hint Futurology

The global CosmeticsDesign team has brought together an esteemed panel of key global thought-leaders to brainstorm how far the beauty and personal care industry has come in skin microbiome research and development, and what more it can do. Our 60-minute Skin Microbiome: Next-Gen Innovation and Science​​webinar will happen later this month, on September 28th​ at 4pm CET / 9am CT.

Skin microbiome 2021 – diagnostics, product claims and research gaining ground

A recent article published in Experimental Dermatology​​ ​said emerging tech would drive ‘new levels’ of host-microbiota interaction research in the coming months and years – knowledge that would prove critical in advancing active ingredient development, claims substantiation and consumer engagement.

The article introduced a dedicated journal issue compiling research articles, viewpoint essays and critical reviews on the host-microbiota interaction spectrum and the authors said it was clear industry understanding of the skin microbial ecosystem had “expanded drastically”​ in the last 20 years. Taking this knowledge forward, they said, would be propelled by exciting advances in emerging technologies like single-cell research and in vivo​ imaging techniques providing a better understanding on skin microbiome interactions with its host.

Big brand NPD – Beiersdorf Microbiome Accelerator chief

And scientists and companies worldwide were already dedicating staff, funding and time to advancing science in all of these areas. International skin care major Beiersdorf, our big-brand panellist, was just one business doing so.

As part of our webinar, Jörn Hendrik Reuter PhD, head of the Microbiome Accelerator at Beiersdorf​, would outline his team’s scientific research advances and product development work, spotlighting some of the key opportunities and challenges Beiersdorf sees moving forward. Reuter was also set to talk through how to translate microbiome research approaches into consumer benefits at a brand level.

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