Skin Types And Care

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Skin Types And Care. Skin care is done for the purpose of cleaning and nourishing skin from environmental toxins.

Sun exposure (UVA/UVB), infrared radiation (IR), air population, climate changes, alcohol, smoke, malnutrition are factors that affecting skin negatively. These factors mature the cellular composition of human skin (DNA).

Get skincare done help by activating the natural store of productive oxidants, repair skin itself, restructure and keep skin pores open to breathe.

Skin care results will be better if it supports with additional care determining the skin structure the skin which porous and oily. While porous and oily skin need to water based moisturized skin need to oily moisturizer

Skin Types And Care

Skin Types And Care
Skin Types And Care

Normal Skin Type

Normal skin which is radiant appearance and hardly ever visible pores has no imperfections. Cleansing milks, tonic that alcohol proportion is normal and water moisturizer can be use.

Combination Skin

This skin type is combination all types. While some areas can be dry some areas normal and oily such as T-Zone, in this area nose, forehead and chin are oily. Oily areas can have blackheads, whiteheads and open pores. On the cheek pores are close. Products that can be used: cleansing milks, tonic that contain low alcohol and moisturizer according to condition of skin.

Dry Skin

Complexion is thin and pores are small and closed. However, appearance of complexion is dull and rough because of less oil secretion. Skin is less elastic but prone to being lines. If person supported by mesotherapy or she can slow down the process. Constant care and protection are very important for his type skin. Products to be used: cleansing milk, on-alcoholic tonic a nourishing cream at night, oil-based moisturizer and masks that store oil.

Oily Skin Type

The appearance of skin is shiny, oily and enlarged pores. There are blackheads, pimples in pores. It is important to daily and extra care to prevent acne problem. You should use: Gel cleansers, alcoholic tonic, water moisturizer and firming masks.

Pimples and Oily Skin

Pimple occurs when too much oil secretion accumulate. And this is increased blackheads. Products that should use milk cleansing, non-alcoholic tonic and water-based moisturizer.

Oily and Sensetive Skin Type

Enlarged pores and red blemishes can be seen and inditching can accompany it. Products can be used: cleansing milk, non-alcoholic tonic and water based moisturized

Mature Skin

With age, this type of skin is appearing. For the skin’s oil secretion slow down deep lines occurs you don’t use moisturizer, complexion would dry and wrinkle. Products that should use: Vitamin-E cream, on-alcoholic tonic and water-based moisturizer.

For a beautiful and healthy skin only skin care is not enough, also you should improve your life style. Firstly, you must drink adequate water. You should have balanced nutrition and avoid to smoke, alcohol and unnecessary drug and one more important thing is sleeping enough.

Dr.David Harvey

Dr.David Harvey

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