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I’ve been wanting to do a comprehensive Skincare 101 Landing Page on my blog for a while now. Hard to believe, but ThisThatBeauty has been an active beauty blog for over 15 years. Can we say: OG  Status

And while I use this space (and Instagram) to consistently break down, review, and dissect skin care products, I haven’t taken the time to do a COMPREHENSIVE UPDATE of the skin care essentials for healthy, glowy, glossy, vibrant skin.

Until now…..

My recent Skincare Chat & Chill with Luvvie Ajayi Jones was the perfect opportunity to sit down & whip up a comprehensive landing page of skincare resources and recommendations to help you on your Skincare Journey. So, whether you are in your teens to early 20s and you’re new to skincare…or if you’re starting to experience adult acne in your 30’s …..or if you’re perplexed by the early signs of lines and wrinkles….or if hyperpigmentation is still the dragon you can’t just seem to slay….or no matter how many potions and lotions you slap on, you just can’t seem to get the glow — THIS SKINCARE 101 LANDING PAGE is for you!

Here you will find a carefully, lovingly curated selection of products and tools to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. I have hand-selected products and tools based on my first hand experience with each. I have researched and tested every single product on this list. When compiling the list, my main focus was to include products that speak to the range of skincare issues that I am routinely asked to address:

Uneven Complexion
Dark Circles
Large Pores
Rough Texture
Oily Skin
Excessive Dryness

For every product on the Skincare 101 Product Picks list, you’ll see a little caption icon. If you hover over that icon, VOLIA, you’ll see my mini review of the product. This is key because I offer insight and guidance into why that specific product is recommended.

I really wish I could include all of my Essential Skincare Resources in one place, but it’s just too much goodness to cram into my Amazon Shop. So, below I further break down a few Skincare Categories and link you to the best of the best. Again, all products, resources, and services are battle tested. Meaning: If I  have not used these products over and over and over again – IT AIN’T ON THE LIST! That’s one thing I don’t play (never played!). I only recommend what I love and have fully vetted. I’ve been in Beauty for over 15 years, and I always say, you don’t get to thrive for this long by selling out or shilling crap. I have amassed a tremendous amount of skincare knowledge in 15+ years and it is my passion and pleasure to share that with you. In a nutshell: You get to benefit from my years of research, trial, error, focus groups, product development, consulting, editorial experience, insider access, etc.


I love me some facial tools. Why? Facial tools truly elevate my skincare game to the next level. From face rollers, LED Light Therapy to Micro/Nano current devices, skin scrubbers and everything in between, I have been using a variety of facial tools and devices for a decade. Here are my most relied on tools/ devices:

Silkn Revit Microdermabrasion Device: Let me tell you, this tool is CLUTCH. It is both gentle and effective at exfoliating the skin, using light vacuum stimulation. The whole idea of this type of exfoliation is to go deeper to purge pores, remove dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of blemishes and surface imperfections. The overall result is clearer, more even-toned skin. This device offers close-to-professional-level treatment at home.

I also love NUFACE, ZIIP, and a variety of Gua Sha and Rose Quartz facial rollers…you can find them all tagged in my Skincare 101 Product Picks.

I use this micro-current device for lifting and sculpting of the skin, and I’ve been using that for about 10 years. I love being hip-to-the-tech on the beauty front, and ZIIP is one of the latest/ greatest beauty tools I’ve recently added to my at-home spa routine. The nano current skin care device is a great day-to-day treatment as well as a weekly boost to your at-home spa routine. While I’m all about my lifting and firming (because over 40), I also love that ZIIP has a feature for zapping acne causing bacteria. Yep, tiny little nano currents zap away acne causing bacteria. And with regular use, ZIIP helps keep nasty bacteria at bay. Sound confusing? Well, there’s a (super cool user friendly) app for that. When paired with the ZIIP app, flawless skin is now fool proof. [Use code TTB20 to save 20% through this link]


PAUSE Fascia Stimulating Tool caught my attention because it’s unlike any tool I’ve ever tried. The look (hello, shiny new object!), design, and function are all so unique…I was like a moth to a flame and couldn’t resist giving the tool a whirl. I’ve been using the tool since June 2019. Engineered to help stimulate collagen production (which decreases considerable with hormonal changes), the FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device relies on gentle back and forth stroking…not taut, rigorous sculpting. Frankly, I wasn’t used to such gentle face work with a tool. And, I was initially skeptical that a tool so easy to use would be effective. After my first session, I noticed immediate changes in my skin. There was an immediate flush of health — After just a few minutes, my skin appeared more vibrant and awake. I experienced improved blood flow and this made my skin glow. And this was all with just a gentle strokes backwards and forwards over my entire face. I like that the session feels sort of freestyle and doesn’t require a particularly focused path to achieve the desired result. You can, totally, Netflix and Chill and Fascia Tool your whole face and not feel like you need t be laser focused on “doing it right”.


These masks truly give good glow. Most are suitable to use once or twice a week. They all give an immediate boost that you CAN SEE! Masking is so crucial to maintaining smooth, polished skin. Check these out and pick one or two that fit your skin’s needs. TIP: I often keep 2-3 masks in the rotation based on the weekly changes of my skin…one day I’ll need a good detox because my pores seem huge and the next day I might need a good glow because my skin seems dull. And sometimes my skin needs to calm TF down because I somehow overdid it or the stress of life is coming out in my skin — so it’s good to have a few masks on hand to address your full skin lifestyle.

Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask: A 100% natural Vitamin C Clay Mask, featuring the powerful glow-duo Turmeric & Aloe Vera

Elemis Papaya EnzymePeel:  A non-abrasive cream exfoliator infused with natural fruit enzymes to gently smooth and clarify tired, lacklustre skin

Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel: “Triple Berry Smoothing Peel is the best chemical peel to use at home to dramatically smooth visible skin damage, lift brown sun spots and clear clogged pores.”

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask: “A deep-cleaning, peel-off mask that clarifies skin and minimizes the look of pores.
Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder: “A daily exfoliating cleanser with a powder-to-foam formula powered by plant-derived enzymes to gently remove dull skin cells, impurities and makeup.”
Tatcha The Rice Polish (Gentle): “A water-activated exfoliant of nourishing Japanese Rice Bran that transforms to a creamy foam for smooth, polished skin with a healthy glow.”
Tatcha Violet C Radiance MaskA creamy anti-aging mask, packed with Japanese beautyberry, 2 types of Vitamin C and AHAs from 7 fruits, that unveils softer, glowing skin.”



I cannot stress the importance of caring the the skin on your neck and décolletage….PROACTIVELY! Don’t wait until you see the deep neck lines, start early. I swear you will thank me for this later! The lines are coming (Hi, tech neck!)…It’s basically a matter of how soon.

Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Serum:
“In need of a neck lift? Think confidence, not surgery. This concentrated serum helps reverse stubborn signs of aging by reinforcing the skin’s natural moisture barrier, boosting collagen and protecting against free radical damage. Our ingenious rollerball applicator is efficient, targeted and mess-free. Can be used alone or to supercharge Ageless Throat & Décolletage Creme.”

PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck.
This treatment cream is formulated to visibly sculpt and firm up loose skin, tighten signs of sagging, and contour the jaw, chin and neck. I’ve always loved caffein in skincare products because caffeine is known to promote firmer, tighter and smoother skin by energizing skin’s surface…basically, caffeine helps get the circulation going.



What do we want? THE GLOW! When do we want it? YESTERDAY!
LOL, we are so impatient. And I get it. That’s why I rely on a handful of SKIN FORWARD beauty products that help me cheat glowing skin. You’ll want to add these products to your arsenal for that No Makeup/ Woke Up Like This skin that we all crave!{Code: TTB20 to save 20% when you shop these items}

Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Balm: “A lightweight translucent highlighting & hydration balm for an instant “glass skin” fresh glow. Infused with jojoba oil and other hydrating and skin softening ingredients.”
Danessa Myricks Beauty Oil: “A Luxury facial oil with a unique blend of 9 nourishing oils and skin friendly ingredient like Squalene (plant derived) and Gold leaf designed to leave your skin feeling smooth & hydrated bringing forth your natural radiance.”
Danessa Myricks Love & Light Beauty Oil: “This lightweight illuminating oil is the perfect combination of hydration and radiance for a healthy all over glow. Available in five universal shades – Original, Blaze (Golden Bronze), Sunray (Golden Peach), Eternal Flame (Iridescent), and Flicker (Silver Pink) – this quick absorbing oil can be used as a highlight to the face and lips. This formula will melt right into the skin and provide instant radiance that is lightweight and non-greasy.”
Danessa Myricks Vision Flush in Tiara (MY SIGNATURE SHADE): “This  unique waterproof multipurpose formula provides a wash of color with a satin/semi matte finish that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Four universal shades formulated to work with the fairest to the deepest skin tone.”


Let’s face it (no pun intended), at some point you need the guidance of someone with a medical degree or someone licensed to perform facial in-office procedures. Here’s my short list of folks that I’ve had the pleasure of building relationships with for more years that I can count.
Dr Rosetta Garries of @veryprettyskin: The only person I trust with my annual medical grade chemical peels. I also cannot live without her Gylcolic Resurfacing Milk, Microdermabrasion Scrub and AM/ PM Tightening Moisturizer.
Dr Rosemarie Ingleton: She’s the best Dermatologist I’ve ever met. I have been referring friends, family and perfect strangers to Dr Ingleton for over 10 years.


Craving more? Want additional resources and guidance?
Face Flawless Skin: “Face Flawless Skin Clinic is run by Christene Carr and Felicia Walker with a mission to provide women with the right information, techniques, and products to achieve the best skin possible.” @faceflawlessskin
Virtual Skin CoachingConsultations are 50 minutes total, but booked in two 25 minute sessions. 25 minutes for the initial consultation and 25 minutes for the follow-up session.

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