Skincare Gratitude in 2020-Therapeutic Skin Coach

We all know what we’re not grateful for; the maskne, the uncertainty of the pandemic, the separation in our families, the anxiety-filled days that stretch so long they feel like months. I can keep going. I’m really good at seeing things that aren’t working but if I stay in that space too long, I start to carry an energy with me that is far too heavy for my fragile nervous system. Instead, I start by practicing gratitude in a more micro way and I’d love to share how I do that practice with you now.

Next, whether you are in the shower or at your bathroom sink, I want you to close your eyes and ask yourself 3 things you are grateful for about your skin. This can take a second to find but it’s important to get to 3 different aspects of your skin that you have gratitude for. Three is an adequate number to start exercising your gratitude muscle but feel free to elaborate on that number as often as you can. 

Some of my frequent skin gratitude thoughts include;

  • I’m grateful for my skin communicating with me

  • I’m grateful for my skin’s healing abilities

  • I’m grateful my skin reminds me to drink water

  • I’m grateful for my skin enveloping me daily

  • I’m grateful for my skin’s ability to purge toxins

  • I’m grateful my skin is growing with me

  • I’m grateful my skin asks me to slow down

  • I’m grateful for the skin I have and the reflection of health it shines back at me!

This is a practice I have honed in on for the past 10 years so it comes much easier for me than it may if you are just starting. Don’t worry, because closing your eyes during this practice will prevent you from nitpicking right away. Once you shift your mindset to gratitude, it allows you to start your routine with a sense of love towards your skin. That will allow you to navigate your routine with intuitive guidance to nurture and nourish yourself instead of fixating on the elements you’re not fond of. 

Lastly, as soon as I start to navigate through the steps of my skincare routine and touch my skin, I affirm those thoughts of gratitude by thanking my skin for communicating with me. “Thank you for reminding me to slow down and gently cleanse my skin” is a consistent thought that goes through my mind as I start cleansing and trickles through every step. I leave my routine with a higher sense of worth and gratitude for the experience to take care of myself. That energy that I put into a small part of my day then helps shift my mindset when I’m feeling less than or frustrated by life. I know I can also apply those same principles to other elements of my life which helps shape an even larger gratitude practice. 

BONUS ROUND – Gratitude journaling is also a massive way for me to find peace in my heart no matter the turmoil I’m faced with. Finding even the smallest things to be grateful for helps me build on a foundation of love instead of the shaky grounds of fear. I’ll write out I’m grateful for my bed, my sheets, my gua sha stone, my coffee mug, my husky’s snuggles, etc. 

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