#skincaringmakeup collection formulated with artificial intelligence

“Makeup is one of the most dynamic categories in social media, with brands being talked about regularly in user-generated content,”​ a spokesperson for LLS Beauty told Cosmetics Design-USA.

“We believe that by strategically connecting consumers’ insights with trends and our science, we can innovate and help our clients innovate.”

Mining consumer insights

This innovation comes in the form of artificial intelligence deployed across social media platforms, YouTube videos and product reviews in the United States between May 2019 and May 2020.

To discover new consumer needs and product insights, Foresee Lab – the consumer and marketing insights unit within the Lubrizol Corporation – partnered with external market research firm 113 Industries.

The team used Natural Language Processing technology to pull over 20 million sources of data from online beauty conversations. An algorithm encoded text to look at words and sentences in context to “explore big topics rather than spot pre-defined key words” ​related to make-up for face, eyes, lips and nails, the company explained.

“It allows us to focus only on purely consumer language and avoid paid advertisement. For instance, this A.I. technology let us classify a consumer, create clusters, find connections.”

Extracting the trends: #skincaringmakeup

The human analysis of the data then extracted patterns to reveal smoothness, long-lastingness, color, protection and moisturization as top-targeted and on-trend.

“Although the top general beauty hashtag is #makeupartist, when consumers used a personal pronoun like ‘I love’ or ‘I use’, the top hashtag is #skincare,” ​LLS Beauty said. “It reveals the increasing trend of connecting makeup and skincare.”

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