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Hey Posse. One of the minor problems of writing with a crew is that sometimes the things I’d like to talk about have already been covered by the others. Well, this week I say NUTS to that. A few of these have already had dedicated Posse reviews before. I’ll link my thoughts to the past posts so you can see if I’m even nearly on the same page as them. Yes, another Surrender To Chance order has arrived. I’m ready for some serious sniffing. So let’s get sniffing eh?

Sniffing More Decants

Cuir Eternel by Jardin de France

Green white floral opens to a broken leaf green and dark birchy/oudh menace. The fragrance is harsh and shadowed as it heads into the heart but beguiling. Sniffing the heart feels thick and I can taste it as much as smell it. Smoky burning leather is the main component. About an hour in the leather smooths to suede and for a few hours a beautiful soft scent pumps out.

Dirty Rose by Heretic Perfume

OOOH! A fizzy, sparkling, champagne rose. The name is a total misnomer. There’s nothing dirty about this perfume. Dirty thoughts smell more profoundly. This is a soda pop version of rose, full of sugar and sunlight. It’s lovely but it’s NOT dirty in deed or scent, merely in name. I kept waiting for the shade to arrive to eclipse this light and was disappointed.

Nothing Rusts in the Desert, the Air is Full of Ghosts by Death and Floral

An oil! I bought this ONLY for the title. Didn’t even glance at the notes. What a terrific name. This seems to have sold out on STC but others from the brand are there.
This is not to my taste at all. There’s a note in it that makes my stomach queasy. Had to wash this off.

Poussiere de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

A fruity sweet, but not jammy, green rose. Straight out of the garden in the cool of morning and still dewy. As you bring it inside the house it warms through and the scent becomes intoxicatingly rich. The spice and incense give an ultra realism to the rose. The whole fragrance feels expensive. The rose maintains its magnificence through the heart but slowly moves woodier and resinous towards dry down, this woody amber pumps out slowly fading till it’s lost to my nose.

Spell 125 by Papillon

Here’s a link to Cinnamon’s post.

WOW! Spell 125 immediately reminds me of vintage Shalimar dry down, then it makes a quick right turn. Suddenly there’s a shadowy green and pine front and centre. Not heavy or dense but present and surprisingly fresh. Like my image of a hike through European woods in an autumn afternoon. Tranquil, contemplative and deep. The resins are cool, fresh beads awaiting flame to ignite their potential, interesting.
This is AMAZING! You must try it.

Twill Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

Roses with herbs, galbanum and violet. Cool and discrete; until you get up close and then it’s a very interesting mix. Very manly, like a masculine dandy from times far gone. Twill Rose is both aloof and engaging. Not such a big sillage but if you are close to someone wearing it, WOW! This is perfect date night perfume. Though it’s aimed at the boys any woman can wear this, no problem. I smelled this back in 2014 while travelling with my buddy Michael. I’m very sad I didn’t buy it at the time. Such a wearable beauty. Back on the To Buy List.

Sun Bleached by Une Nuit Nomad

I really like the opening here. It reminds me of something else but seems like a clever twist on a derivation. I smell peony and water mixed in with the amalgam of the other notes. If this is sun bleached then it’s been left to do so by a running brook of clear, cold water. The ambrette doesn’t really show till well into the heart for me. Warmth floods through and suddenly the title makes sense. I can’t decide what is making it smell like that. This is not your aldehydes and ozonic or ylang and coconut summertime memories warmth, it’s different. Not a big fragrance but a very interesting one.

Vanilla Diorama by DIOR

Vanilla with a soft hint of booze and white chocolate. Like it’s never even heard of cacao. Also a nod towards sandalwood. Don’t get me wrong, it smells like it should cost $35/100ml and be sold by a young celebrity. If that’s what it was I’d be telling you to RUN to the store and buy a truckload. Even if L’Occitane produced this for $100/100ml I would tell you to go get it. The patchouli down the back reminds me of two long DCd loves: Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson and Art Collection #02 by Jacomo. It just doesn’t feel clever or sophisticated enough to be by DIOR. If you don’t have a rubbery vanilla/patchouli fragrance then this will light your fire.
Honestly though, when I’m working again I’ll probably spring for a bottle because it does smell nice.


Sorry, didn’t get to the Pineward Perfumes. Hopefully soon.


I’ve had heaps of fun sniffing these beauties. Obviously bot all of them were winners for me but YMMV.
Did any of them sound like you might like to give them a good sniffing yourself?
Portia xx

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