Soothing DIY Eczema Cream + Label Download!

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Eczema is one skin issue that can show great improvement with natural homemade products.  Eczema requires lots of nourishment and can react negatively to unnatural ingredients so making a gentle, natural DIY eczema cream can go a long way to help relieve eczema.  I don’t personally have eczema but I have done quite a lot of research and have a few loved ones that suffer from it.  I have created a product that will not only reduce redness and inflammation, it will also relieve uncomfortable itchiness.

If you’re not sure if your skin condition is eczema, Web MD has a visual guide to eczema. A few things to look for are hot, red spots that are swollen. Sometimes the affected area has small, rough bumps that can leak and crust over. After healing, the area might look lighter or darker than the rest of your skin. 

What is Eczema?

Eczema is when the skin becomes itchy, inflamed, or has a rash-like appearance. There are seven types of eczema: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and stasis dermatitis.

When an irritant or an allergen from outside or inside the body “switches on” the immune system, it produces inflammation. It is this inflammation that causes the symptoms common to most types of eczema.

Eczema is so common that according the National Eczema Association, 31 million people suffer from it!!

So, lets try to get some relief naturally!  Many products for eczema contain either a topical steroid or petroleum.  Neither ingredient is a good idea and I personally think they should be avoided and reserved as the last resort.  However, there are simple ways you can safely relieve your eczema symptoms.

Ways to Relieve Eczema:

  • Cut out dairy
  • Avoid harsh cleansers
  • Use gentle clothes detergent
  • Eat food rich in Omega 3s
  • Eat anti inflammatory foods
  • Up your vitamin D by spending 20 minutes in the sun daily.
  • Avoid hot baths

Natural Ingredients that Relieve Eczema:

DIY Eczema Cream


DIY Eczema Cream:

2 tbsp. Cocoa Butter (find it HERE)

2 tbsp. Shea Butter (find it HERE)

3 tsp. Vitamin E Oil (find it HERE)

1/4 cup Avocado Oil (find it HERE)

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)

10 drops Chamomile (find it HERE)


  1. First, you have to make a double boiler.  To do this, fill a medium sized pot half way full with water.
  2. Take a glass pyrex measuring cup in the water.
  3. Add avocado oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to the glass cup.
  4. Turn on heat to medium.
  5. Allow butters and oils to melt completely.
  6. Remove from heat and add vitamin E and essential oils and gently stir.
  7. Pour mixture into containers.  This recipe makes 4 oz.  Find a 4 oz. jar HERE.
  8. Allow to cool.
  9. Optional: I call this DIY a “cream” because I like to stir the mixture after it’s cooled giving it a more light and pliable texture.

To Use:

  • Apply a thin layer over affected areas, 1-2 times a day.

DIY Eczema Cream

This cream should not only nourish eczema, it should also provide relief with itching and reduce redness and inflammation.

The number one key with eczema is diet.  It is extremely important to cut out dairy.  Dairy might not be the problem but it often is.  If you see no relief after cutting it out then I would add it back and eliminate grains next.  

Stress is also a cause that can flair eczema up.  Managing stress can go a long way when managing eczema.

Since I have been trying to manage my perioral/ocular dermatitis, I have learned so much and realized that a topical product is not enough to get a skin condition under control.  Every aspect of one’s being has to be addressed.  That was very dramatically worded but I run across so many people, including myself that are desperate for improvement and relief and unfortunately as I’ve learned firsthand, there’s rarely a quick fix.  

I’ve also learned that many skin conditions respond best when they are nurtured rather then exacerbated by strong, harsh products.

This DIY eczema cream is very easy to make and guaranteed to provide relief.  However, it is imperative to use quality ingredients and to consistently apply this cream when having a flair up.  I use Mountain Rose Herbs for butters, essential oils and carrier oils.  I trust their quality and even their sourcing.

DIY Eczema Lotion Labels!

I created a label in case you’re interested!  You can save this image and have Sticker You make waterproof/restickable labels or just print them yourself by using THESE labels and uploading the below picture to the Avery website!  Learn more about Sticker You plus get loads more label designs HERE. If you go with Sticker You, the perfect size label for 1 ounce tins is 1.75 inches round. 

DIY Eczema Lotion

More Soothing DIY Balm Recipes:

xx, Jenni

P.S. This DIY is definitely a double duty product.  I have been using it on my heels and legs for loads of moisture and smoothing!! Feel free to use it where ever you have irritation or dry skin. 

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DIY Eczema Cream


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