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Through this new interactive program in select campuses, students will now have the option of specializing in the field of skincare. The development of the Aesthetics/Esthetics program will not only teach students how to preserve the health and beauty of skin head-to-toe but will also help prepare them for a wider variety of career opportunities.

While all students receive baseline knowledge of the fundamentals of Aesthetics/Esthetics in our traditional cosmetology program, the Aesthetics/Esthetics program takes a much deeper dive into the understanding of skincare, providing students with the knowledge, training, and experience required to become specialists in this subsection of cosmetology. The program is divided into three parts which cover topics like the anatomy of skin, skincare products, chemistry, and a myriad of others. Students are also trained to perform and perfect treatments like facials, full-body hair removal, chemical peels, body wraps, microdermabrasion, and more.

Each state has its own licensing requirements. Some states may also have different titles on their state licenses ie, Esthetician, Aesthetician, Advanced Practice Esthetician, Master Esthetician, Skin Therapist, etc.

Just as Empire Beauty School cosmetology students apply their education and training in their own on-site salon, the Aesthetics/Esthetics Program now has its own Salon where customers can receive facials, hair removal, and other treatments that students are trained to perform.

In recent years, the field of aesthetics/esthetics has seen considerably large growth. Treatments that were once considered luxurious like facials, body wraps, and chemical peels have now become a routine part of many individual’s health and wellness. For this reason, the aesthetics/esthetics industry is experiencing an influx of new people with a desire to keep their skin refreshed and rejuvenated. This new flock of clientele makes Aesthetics/Esthetics a very promising career choice.

Once completing Empire Beauty School’s Aesthetics/Esthetics Program, the newly licensed graduates will be opened to a multitude of career paths. While working at a standard salon is always an option, estheticians can also take their profession a step further by working at medical spas, where the realms of health and beauty intersect. Physicians and Aestheticians often work together in these establishments to meet a variety of needs under one roof. For those especially interested in the clinical aspect of aesthetics, there are many career opportunities at dermatology and cosmetology practices as well as laser centers. Other potential careers include aesthetics/esthetics education, research, and business. Similar to cosmetologists and beauticians, estheticians also have the option of opening their own skincare salons.

Empire Beauty School and its team of dedicated educators could not be prouder to extend this opportunity to students and potential students that have a passion for skincare. We can’t wait to watch you thrive in this new program and help you achieve new goals.

To begin your journey in the field of aesthetics/esthetics, please contact us here.

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