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The popularity of nail art has exploded in recent
years.  Simply watch footage from a fashion show, catch a glimpse of a beauty
magazine, watch “Claws” on TNT or follow a fashion influencer or blogger online
to get a sense of how sought-after nail art has become among fashionistas, stay
at home moms, tweens and everyone in between and beyond.

Citing “Nails Magazine,” CBS News reports that nails account
for an $8.5 billion industry. More than 50,000 nail
salons operate in the United States alone. Out of all the nail salons in the
U.S., approximately 75 percent of them offer nail art.

What Is
Nail Art?

Like body painting or face
painting, nail art is another way for people to express themselves. Nail art
differs from simply painting your fingernails or toenails with a base color and
calling it a day. By its very definition, nail art is extremely personal by
comparison, giving people the chance to make a statement or complete a look in
a way that’s as unique to them as they want it to be.

Nail art includes just about any technique a nail technician
might use to decorate a person’s fingernails, toenails or both. Polish, UV gel,
hybrid coatings, marbling, stenciling, artificial nails, stickers, rhinestones,
various effects, extensions – all those things and more can be used to create
highly detailed nail art.

Current and Emerging Trends in Nail Art

With nail
art having a strong grip on the imaginations of technicians and eager clients
alike, it’s only natural that this burgeoning niche of the beauty industry is
witness to some current and emerging trends. In fact, the vertical is now where
minimalism and maximalism are sharing center stage.

Here are
some of the trends that are or will be dominating the landscape in nail art in
the near future:

●      Mix and Match Patterns: This trend employs
contrasting shapes and colors to create patterns that almost seem as if they’re
random. Typically bright and colorful, mix and match nail patterns are
reminiscent of late ‘80s pop culture with a modern twist.

●      Negative Space: While mix and match
patterns consume all the available space on a person’s nails, the negative
space trend takes an opposite approach. Leaving most of a nail “blank” or
looking natural, this technique may simply sport a line of beads, rhinestones
or a line of singular color running up the center of each nail.

●      Nails Shaped Like
In recent months, squarish and rectangular nails have enjoyed a resurgence, and
the emerging trend of coffin-shaped nails will push their comeback to the next
natural plateau. To better envision this look, think of a tapered almond that’s
not as narrow or sharply pointed as a stiletto heel.

●      Offbeat Nail Shapes: Nails shaped like
miniature coffins won’t be your only choice when it comes to nail shapes moving
forward. New shapes like the lipstick variation that was invented by Eun Kyung
Park, founder of South Korea’s Unistella nail salon, are expected to grow in popularity
in the not so distant future.

The Future
of Nail Art

While some people may think that nail art is a passing fad,
people’s prolific use of social media to show off their latest nail designs
proves that nail art is more than the flavor of the day. Nail art is a beauty
trend that’s here to stay. And it’s one that’s increasingly accessible
throughout mainstream America and well beyond.

If you doubt that nail art has staying power, consider the
following – an online museum of nail art has been established that allows
people to show off their latest nail art creations. Called Nailpolis, the
museum is the digital face of a growing community of nail enthusiasts who are
devoted to all things nails and nail art.

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